Attendance Area Committee Q & A


    Please note, we will not hold the community meetings in person on December 7 or 14, due to the local health ordinance regarding no gatherings over ten people. 

    Instead, we are developing a seperate website and video to relay the proposal information. As part of this new site, the public will have access to an online form to ask questions and see answers.


    If you have questions or comments related to the Attendance Area Committee recommendations, you may submit them here:

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    Questions, Feedback, and Answers will be listed below:

Answers, Updates, and Feedback

  • Who makes up the attendance area committee?

  • What happens if my attendance area changes?

  • Will my student have the opportunity to transfer schools if our attendance area changes?

  • What if my new school does not have the same classes or programs as my last?

Attendance Area Informational Video