High School Dance Majors

    Hello!  I hope you are doing well and staying healthy and sane in this crazy time! In our Teams group is where you can find all the assignments that I will be giving for the rest of the year.  Every week will have a file with the dates on it and in the file you will see what I would like you to work on.  Sometimes there will be an assignment for everyday that we have class and sometimes it might be one thing that you work on for the entire week.  My main hope for all of you is to find ways to be active and move your bodies even in small spaces or with limited equipment.   

    Week 6 

    Dance Video 

    Apart but Connected   

    I would like to put together a video of all of you dancing!  I think it would be a nice project to have to look back on. 


    Create and video a solo of yourself that is 15 to 30 seconds 

    Please upload the video to the TEAMS platform or email to katieponozzo@gmail.com

    I will then take all the videos and create one video montage.  I am then hoping to have an original song from the music majors play in over the top.   

    I am hoping for something like this: 


    The way this video is edited it quite complex so ours will be more of a fade in and out and not a direct cut from dancer to dancer. 

    You can video it anywhere! But you should be the only person in the video.  It could be your room, your house, garage, or backyard! 

    I like the idea that we are all separate right now but with technology we can come together and be connected! 


    Week 5 

    May 11- 15 


    Tutting is one of the many subcategories of hip hop.  Dancers create 90-degree angles and box shapes with their arms and fingers in complex movement choreography.  



    Choose a video link below and learn a tutting combination!  You will find more success if you use a mirror!  See how fast you can go, try it with some music, try changing the rhythm!  


    Tell me which video you choose.  

     Was it easy or hard? Why?   

    Did you try it with some different music?  Which song worked best?  



    Create your own 8-16 counts of tutting choreography! 

    Double Bonus!!  

    Video yourself doing the combination and share it with me or the class in Teams!! 


    Video Links to choose from! 


    Nice and simple beginner combo: 



    More difficult intermediate combo: 



    This guy has a long series to try if you want to!  Or just learn one section! 



    Inspiration!  This video is one of my all-time favorites, this guy is insane, he is doing more finger tutting, but worth watching! 





    Week 4 

    May 4-8


    Chair Choreography 

    Hello!  I wanted to move into some choreography this week!  You have two options to pick from! Please choose option 1 or option 2 for your assignment this week! 


    Option 1:   

    Create a 1-minute solo chair dance 


    • Dance must be close to 1 minute or longer 
    • Dance must include use of a chair 
    • Dancer must be connected to the chair for more than half of the dance 
    • Use any music you like! 
    • Video your dance and upload to this assignment or post it in our teams if you want to share with everyone!  


    Some inspiration! Watch these links! 





     Option 2: 

    Choose one of the following links to watch: 




    Answer the following questions: 

    1. What was the name of the dance you watched? 
    1. In three sentences describe the dance you watched 
    1. How did they dance make you feel? 
    1. Did you find in interesting? Why or Why not? 



    Week 3

    April 27-May 1

    Week 3: April 27- May 1 

    This week I would like you to pick 2 or more classes to take from the link list below.  These aren’t very long classes; most are around 15 minutes, but they are great for getting a little dance technique in! I encourage you to take a quick look at all of them before you decide which ones to take, or if you have time, take them all!  At the end of the week I would like you to tell me what you thought about the classes you took! 


    This class is a quick 10 minutes on working on your pirouette! 



    This is a 13-minute class working on strengthening and creating better feet! 



    This is a 20 minute class on getting better turnout! 



    This is a pretty intense 20 minute middle split class!  Be careful and make good choices! 



    This is a great 13 minute beginner handstand class! 



    And if you just want to be extremely inspired check out this 20 min center class! 




    Week 2

    April 20-24

    For our second week of remote learning I would like you to create daily goals that are movement focused. While we don’t have our regular dance classes right now this can be a great time to focus on things that we always want to do but don’t really have time to do. This is a great time to concentrate on things like flexibility, backbends, handstands, planks, balance, extension, etc. I would like you to think of some things that you always want to work on but never have time or motivation to do. Or possibly it is things you have been working on and you want to devote more time and focus on them!

    •I would like you to pick 1 to 3 movement goals for you to accomplish every day this week.

    You will find it easier to succeed if you follow these guidelines:

    1.Be specific! Don’t just say, I’m going to stretch on Monday. What are you going to stretch? Legs, back, arms, splits, be specific! How long? 10 minutes, 20, an hour?

    2.Be realistic! Yes,you should try and challenge yourself, that is the only way to get better,but you also need to be realistic in what you can accomplish. Would I love to be able to practice backbends for an hour? Yes! Is that realistic for me? No. It’s too long and will probably make me not want to do it at all. A more realistic goal would be to warm up my back and shoulders for 10 minutes and practice 5 backbends trying to hold each for 5 seconds.

    3.Tell People! Luckily you are telling me, and I will help to keep you accountable, but I’m not there with you daily. Tell your family, they can help keep you on track. Text a friend and help each other remember to do your goals. Make a short video to post either here or to your friends and family.

    In the Assignments tab you will find a calendar for this week that I would like you to fill it out on or before Monday April 20. I will then check in with you on Friday to see how you did! Below is a sample form you can use to fill out your goals for the week!

    Pick 1 to 3 movement/dance goals to accomplish every day this week


    Monday 4/20

    1. _____________________________________________
    2. _____________________________________________
    3. _____________________________________________

    Tuesday 4/21

    1. ____________________________________________
    2. ____________________________________________
    3. ____________________________________________

    Wednesday 4/22

    1. ___________________________________________
    2. __________________________________________
    3. __________________________________________

    Thursday 4/23

    1. ____________________________________________
    2. _____________________________________________
    3. _____________________________________________

    Friday 4/24

    1. ____________________________________________
    2. ____________________________________________
    3. ____________________________________________


    Remeber to be specific, realistic, and tell your friends and/or family to help keep you accountable!



    Week 1

    April 13-17

    1. Turning in any absent make up assignments you have.  If you were gone anytime this semester up until March 13, you can turn in a make-up assignment to help raise your grade, (you can look on PowerSchool to see what days you missed). Please email your make up assignments to ponozzo.katie@westada.org If you are good with your grade as it is or if you haven’t missed any classes, then skip this and move on to number 2! 
    2.  I would like you to take 3 to 5 online dance/workout classes this week.  Below this paragraph is a link to a YouTube playlist that I have started to add dance class videos that you can follow, some are recorded by me and some are from others in the field.  There are different styles and I will continue to add to the playlist as I find/record videos.  You are also welcome to look and try other dance classes that you find either on YouTube, Facebook live, Instagram live, or any other streaming platform you like. There are so many dancers and companies that are teaching online classes it is very exciting!   


    3. At the end of the week on Friday April 17, you will summarize what you did for the week:

      Summerize each class you take: What was the style? Who was the teacher? What were some of the things you had to do? What did you enjoy about the class? Why?  What didn't you enjoy? Why? Put a link to the class (if available) or the platform you used (facebook live, instagram live, etc.)  at the end of each summery