2 Ways to Access - Digital & Hard Copy


    During both Phase 1 & Phase 2 of the Remote Learning plan, students will have access to grade-level weekly learning resources.  The content of the resource packets is the same for the entire grade level and will focus on core subjects (math, ELA, science, and social studies).  Students will also be provided with an Electives Choice Board that contains activities from various electives classes allowing students to pick and choose different elective tasks to complete each week. 

    During Phase 1 of the plan, the resources will focus on review, reinforcement, and practice of skills and content that has been learned previously.  During Phase 2, advanced learning and new content will be introduced with the purpose of building on prior knowledge and preparing students for next year.  

    Please note - weekly learning tasks are not required and will not be collected or graded.  However, we strongly believe staying academically engaged is in our students' best interest.



    Weekly learning resources will be available to students in one of two ways:

    DIGITAL/ONLINE - (via Microsoft Class Teams)

    HARD COPY/PAPER - (available on-site at HMS)

    More information on these two options is outlined below.


Access via Microsoft Teams

  • Weekly resources for 8th-grade students can be accessed via the REMOTE LEARNING channel in their individual teachers' class teams (Microsoft Teams). 

    Look for the "Weekly Resources" tab at the top of the channel (image to the right).  


    CLICK HERE to log into Microsoft Teams

    (Sign in using West Ada email and password)

    Microsoft Teams

Remote Learning Channel Example

    Students have been using their usernames/passwords throughout the year, however, students who need assistance with theirs can email a member of the HMS Administration team for support:

    An administrator will contact you via phone to provide you with the username/password.

Hard Copy Packets

  • On-site/HMS: Weekly hard copy packets of the learning resource materials will be available to any of those students who prefer or may not have access to technology. They will be available to pick up at HMS on Monday by 8:00 am through Tuesday evening at 5:00 pm at the front of the building. Instructions for pick-up will be provided on-site, following CDC guidelines for safety.

    Pick Up Sites: At this point, we will have one location for pick up: HMS. Additional locations may be added if needed.  We will inform you of new sites if they are added.

    Weekly learning packets will not be turned in.