• Remote Learning Plan

    Beginning Monday, April 27th parents and students will have access to Phase 2 content-rich packet that will outline a recommended daily schedule with possible new learning. The packet will have a menu of resources in math, ELA, science, social studies, physical activities, and electives. Gifted and talented students will find all of their resources in the Gifted and Talented Resource Packets.

    • Parents and students will receive an e-mail each Monday with links to the resource packet for the week.
    • The resource packet will be in PDF formatting and word formatting to allow students to work directly in the packet using a computer.
    • Students can access the Office 365 suite from home via the West Ada School District website.
    • If students are having issues logging in, please contact the IT help desk at (208)350-5300.
    • We recommend parents do NOT print the packet from home. Rather, printing only parts of the packet or having students work on a separate piece of blank copy/lined paper is preferred.
    • The resource packet will NOT be graded and will not need to be handed in for credit.
    • Students without adequate access to the internet and/or computer will be provided a hard copy.
    • The hard copy and electronic resource packet are identical.