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    Welcome Back!!!

    Wow, you all know how much I love technology and how good I am at navigating the cyberworld!! We are going to make it through this because we are Team EL, and we work together!!! I cannot believe how much I miss each of you!!  I know we always looked forward to the weekend, but when I couldn't come back to work, I realized HOW much light and life each of you brings to my life!!  Our most important goal during this time is to stay safe and healthy!!  Please, please stay home and avoid contact with other people; that is how each of us can help our community, and hopefully get to see each other sooner.  Clearly, we will have to plan a summer party when we are all allowed to meet again!!  Please contact me with any questions or concerns you might have.  We are all in this together, and you know I am standing by your side here to help you in any way I can!!


    This is the home page for all of your classes with me.  Just click on the link of the class to which you belong, and you will find all the information for that specific class.