Mr. Mark Winkelman


Mr. Winkelman graduated from Oregon State University with a Business Education Degree in 1990. He then received his graduate degree at Boise State University with a Masters Degree in Education Technology.

Mr. Winkelman taught for three years in Nampa, Idaho, nine years in Caldwell, Idaho, and two and a half years in Eagle, Idaho.

"I am really excited to be a part of the faculty at Median High School. I have met great kids and some exceptional co-workers."


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  • What You Need to Know About this Class

    Posted by Mark Winkelman on 2/17/2020 7:00:00 AM

    The following are the lesson/assignments for Merdian High School - Personal Finance Class. Each BLOG post will contain the following:


    PROCEDURES: Steps and/or process that the student must follow to complete the lesson.
    CONTENT: The research, discussion, or make-up of the lesson.
    FORMAT: The design, the consistency of the design throughout the lesson.
    PROOF READING: Use of proper grammar and of proper spelling in the lesson.


    Each of the above elements of the lesson will be graded independently on a score of 2 to 5 for a total complete score of 20 points. For grading purposes all lessons will carry the same number of points and the students grade will depend on the average score of all lessons. These lessons will account for 80% of the student's final course grade.

    PRE-TESTS will be given, however will not account for any part of the student's overall grade. POST-TESTS are used to determine the level of learning achieved, they will be scored, and will also account for 20% of the student's final course grade.



    If a student does not achieve a score of 20 points on the first submission of a lesson, the student may make any corrections and re-submit that lesson for up to full credit. Because of the previous, no EXTRA CREDIT work will be given.


    Concerning Lessons Before Feb 18th: All students are still responsible for the lessons given before February 18, 2020. This includes lesson assigned by Mrs. Stroup and any following substitute teachers. Each of these lessons will be graded with a possible 4 points. If the lesson is not submitted a "ONE" score will be given. scores of "TWO" through "FOUR" will be given according to the procedures, content, format, and proof-reading.

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