Remote Learning

  • Welcome to Pioneer's Remote Learning Experience



    Thank you for supporting learning at home during these unprecedented circumstances.

    Remote Learning Packets will be distributed on a weekly basis via e-mail, here on the website, and hard copy at the school.

    These packets will consist of a week's worth of daily learning activities. The activities were created or selected by your children's teachers because they will provide valuable practice and application of skills that they have learned and/or were working on before track break. 

    We expect that students will be able to complete these tasks mostly independently, without the use of technology. If they need help, students (or their parents) can reach out for support in a manner your teacher will share with you.

    Remote Learning: Our Purpose

    • Connect students to their teachers and school community
    • Provide a flexible schedule with engaging and meaningful learning opportunities
    • Primarily focus on practice to maintain previously taught essential skills and content in a manner that does NOT rely on access to technology

    Remote Learning: Teacher Work Schedules

    Teachers will be busy working independently and collaboratively throughout the week (remotely as often as possible). The focus of their work will include but not be limited to ...
    • Connecting with each family
    • Designing meaningful remote learning opportunities to share in the weekly resources
    • Providing opportunities for student/family support
    • Anticipating and preparing for student learning needs impacted by this disruption to our usual practice
    • Participating in professional development opportunities
    • And much more ...

    Remote Learning: Expectations of Students

    Families will be provided with a weekly schedule of learning activities. Each grade-level team will develop tasks that they feel are meaningful and achievable ... in relation to both student skill level and the time allocated.

    Parents ... This is a SUGGESTED schedule. We understand that there are many complications in everyone's lives right now and having your child (and in many cases ... children) learning at home is only one of them. While we wouldn't suggest any activities that we don't believe would be valuable for your child as written, you can adapt, modify, and engage in the remote learning opportunities in a way that works for you and your family.


    Please see our LAST NEWSLETTER for more information about our plans for remote learning.  

    Please understand that this work will not be collected and while we will be providing a "daily schedule", you can adapt, modify, and engage in the remote learning opportunities in a way that works for you and your family's specific circumstances.