• Explanation of Phase 1 & Phase 2


    Phase 1- April 13th- April 24thReview, Re-Do, and Re-Assess:

    1. Second-semester grades have been frozen as of March 13th.
    2. Students who would like to improve their current grade may turn in and/or re-assess any work that was assigned from January 21st-March 13th. Students may need to contact their teachers to determine how to redo or re-assess content. Any make-up work/reassessments that are submitted will only be used if the work positively impacts the student’s grade.
    3. Any schoolwork that was collected right before our school closure that had yet to be entered into PowerSchool may be excluded from the student’s overall grade (if the student’s grade is lowered by the score).
    4. Weekly Learning Resources will be online or available for pick up starting April 13th. During Phase 1, content will be focused on reviewing, practicing, and reinforcing what has been previously taught in class.
    5. Weekly learning resources will not be provided for all electives. Rather, students will be provided with a weekly Electives Choice Board where they can choose from a variety of activities to complete.
    6. Students who were enrolled in a 9-week 4th-Quarter class will not have a grade assigned to them. All learning tasks that will be provided will be completely optional.
    7. 4th Quarter grades will not be given, and students will remain enrolled in their 3rd Quarter classes in PowerSchool for the remainder of the school year.  During both Phase 1 and Phase 2 of the Remote Learning plan, students have the opportunity to improve their current grade in their 3rd Quarter class by submitting missing work and retaking assessments.  6th-8th grade students will have access to an "Electives Choice Grid" each week that provides them with activities to select from in a variety of our electives courses.  Weekly resources for the electives grid can be accessed digitally via their current 3rd Quarter teachers' class teams (Microsoft) or through hard copy packets provided at the school.  


    Phase 2- Beginning April 27th until End of Closure or School Year: Advanced Learning and New Content:

    1. Content in the four main subjects will be introduced that will enable students to continue their education and gain knowledge that will prepare them for the next year. The main subjects will include language arts, math, social studies, and science.
    2. Weekly learning resources will continue to be provided for other courses and electives; students may choose to engage in these as they choose.
    3. Weekly learning tasks are not required and will not be collected or graded. However, we strongly believe staying academically engaged is in our students’ best
    4. If your student is enrolled in a high school level elective course, specific activities will be provided. High school credits for these classes may still be earned.