• Online packets will be available the beginning of each new week on Sundays at 5pm

    Hard copy packets are available to pick up at Chaparral on Mondays from 10am-2pm

    *The remaining packets will be in a file cabinet within the front entry of the building. The doors will be open from 8-4:30 on weekdays. Please reach out to you child's teacher if you have any questions. 

Remote Learning

  • Dear Parents and Guardians,

    I know this has been a stressful time for everyone. Please know that the learning packets provided are a way to have your students find some normalcy during this time. Having kids follow a schedule and continue to learn is a way for them to have control when everything around them seems out of their control. Please know that these packets are a review for now and will give your students the opportunity to do things almost independently. Please communicate with your teachers and let them know how your student is doing with items in the packets and as we move forward, we may adjust.

    During this time, we have had to learn how to communicate in a very different manner. For those of us that rely on human interaction and the opportunity to see kids every day, this adjustment has been most difficult. I can say, however, that we have learned to appreciate each and every person on our team. We have learned what our strengths are and how to depend on our teammates to make us stronger. Even though things may look different, the one unwavering statement is “We miss your kids!” Distance learning is not why we chose to do this job we love so much. It is to see your kids. Please let us know how we can support you and your students.

    With utmost gratitude,
    Mrs. Davis, Principal




    After entering the parking lot, continue right all of the way around through parent pick up to the bus lane. Sack lunches will be the first spot as you move by parent pick up. The packets of learning will be in order from Pre-School through 5th grade with Gifted and Talented being in the final position before exiting from the bus pull through.

    Please keep in mind that families in other cars may have more than one student and will be making multiple stops for packets. Please be patient and just keep in mind we are all here for the same reasons. There may be some cars that are getting lunches and just exiting down the middle lane. These may be families from other schools that do not have the lunch program. Just be aware, please! If your student needs to return library books, you can bring them back any Monday when you pick up packets. We will have a bin available for book return, but there will be no checking out new books.