Remote Learning

  • Welcome to Chief Joseph's Remote Learning Experience - we thank you for supporting learning at home during this unprecedented time!

    With our school building closed for now, our staff wants you to know how much you and your children are missed, as well as share our plan to continue connection and learning in this uncertain time. As always, our primary goal will be to help children grow academically, all the while reminding them how valuable, capable and loved they are!  

    Our school and staff are still here for you, and I can't express how much we appreciate the flexibility, understanding, and continued focus on learning from all our amazing students and parents. Our teachers will continue to be vital pieces in your children’s growth and development, as well as resources for parents. While this school year is like no other we’ve experienced (or hopefully will experience), we’ll do our best to make ‘remote learning’ productive and positive. 

    At Chief Joseph we have always enjoyed excellent parental engagement and involvement. Our staff knows how valuable it is for our school AND student learning. In this temporary new normal...your role becomes even more essential. Your willingness to engage with us and encourage your child to engage meaningfully in the learning experiences designed by their grade-level team and specialists will help ensure that your child learns and retains skills that will help them be successful in the next grade level.  

    Since late March, Chief Joseph teachers have been at work creating and assembling weekly remote learning packets of activities and worksheets students can complete at home, as well as optional resources they can utilize 

    Each week, remote learning packets will be available to students and parents through the Remote Learning tab on our Chief Joseph School website ( on Sunday evenings, beginning at 5pm, and by hard copy on Mondays and Tuesdays, from 9:00-6:00, near our school's front doors. 

    These packets will consist of a week's worth of daily learning activities. The activities were created or selected by your children's teachers to provide valuable practice and application of skills that they've learned and/or were working on before our closure. 

    We expect that students will be able to complete these tasks mostly independently, without the use of technology. Please understand that this work will not be collected and while we will be providing a 'daily schedule', we expect that families adapt, modify, and engage in the remote learning opportunities in the way that works best for them.

    If needing help, students (or their parents) can reach out for support by emailing teachers. Teachers will also be phoning homes regularly and look forward to talking with you and/or your Chief Joseph learners!

    While email is the best means of communication, messages left on our school office phone will be checked regularly. As with so much related to this situation and to ‘remote learning’, we might not always have answers, but we will get them for you. 

    Thank you, and know that we are deeply grateful for your patience, care, and support! 

    Best wishes,  

    Mrs Hart 

    Chief Joseph School Principal 


    Remote Learning: Our Purpose 

    • Connect students to their teachers and school community 
    • Provide a flexible schedule with engaging and meaningful learning opportunities
    • Primarily focus on practice to maintain previously taught essential skills and content in a manner that does NOT rely on access to technology

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