Remote Learning

  • Hello Parents,

    Thank you for your continued patience and grace as we have all tried to figure out and adjust to our new norm: Remote Learning. I want to first say that we would much prefer to be at Mary McPherson Elementary with all your children. My staff talks daily of missing their students and missing teaching them. I miss seeing students in the hallways, cafeteria, classrooms and playground. Most of us are currently working remotely, only going into the building when absolutely necessary. Grade level teachers have worked collaboratively to create a Learning Resource for each grade level. Their focus was to create resources that practices skills previously taught that can be worked on primarily independently. In addition, there are some PE/Music/Art activities incorporated into each week’s lesson plan. You can also access resources that were sent out previously by me and by West Ada School District. 

    Here is the plan:

    Pick up is at Mary McPherson/Victory Middle School on Mondays from 10:00 - 12:00 and at Victory Middle School from 5:00 - 6:00. This will be the practice as long as we are continuing with Remote Learning.

    If you are picking up your packets at Mary McPherson:
    Staff will be in the parking lot directing cars to make the loop as if you were dropping off your student. We will have 2 stations set up in the drop off area, so please pull forward to the front station if it is open. Both stations will have access to all packets.  Please be patient in the line until you are directed to a “pick-up” spot to be helped. This is our first attempt at passing out the packets and I’m sure we will need to make adjustments!

    We are asking that you remain in your vehicle to ensure we are all adhering to social distancing practices. You will not be able to pick up anything inside of the building, so please do not park in the parking lot. If possible, please limit who is in the car. We are asking that only one person per car, if at all possible.

    When you are at the pick-up spot, please have your driver window rolled down and be ready to identify what grade level resources you need to pick up. We will also have some baggies with supplies (if needed) with a limit of one per family. 

    We only printed a packet for those students who indicated they would need a printed copy when they talked with their teacher. If you said you would print it off at home, we do not have a printed copy for you. If you wish to change your choice and pick up a copy, you will need to let your child’s teacher know. 

    If you have any library books or classroom books you need to return, let us know and we will bring a crate to your car for you to put them in. 

    If you are picking up your packets at Victory:
    Packet pick up will be located in the front of the school. We will have staff there to hand them to you. Please always maintain a six-foot barrier between yourself and others. As much as we miss the students and would love to give them a hug or high-five, we are not able to do this at pick-up. Please help your students to understand this. A wave and a warm smile will definitely be appreciated! We will have a crate available to collect library books and classroom books if your student is finished with them.

    If you are not picking up the Remote Learning packets, you can access them on the Mary McPherson Elementary page. Look for the ‘Remote Learning’ tab and find your child’s grade level. Resources will be available Sunday nights after 5:00 pm for the upcoming week. We have also placed "suggested educational" resource links on the Mary McPherson main page towards the bottom for your student's use.

    Remote Learning packets have been copied by staff members wearing gloves with the copy machine being disinfected before and after use.

    We are trying to put all the precautions in place that we can think of to keep our MME community and staff safe and healthy.

    Please feel free to email me specific questions. 

    Shannon Murdoch, Principal
    Mary McPherson Elementary