2020 Summer Course Information

  • Students may take classes during the summer to get ahead on classes or retake classes required for graduation.  Students can take classes face-to-face through West Ada Summer School or online through the Idaho Digitial Learning Academy.  Information on the programs is listed below. 

West Ada Summer School

  • West Ada Summer School will be held online. West Ada Summer School Registration Form

     For more information on the daily schedule, attendance, grade, etc, please visit their website.

     Summer School will be divided into two, 3-week sessions.

    • Session 1:  
      June 11, 2020 - July 1, 2020

    • Session 1 Classes:
      • Biology A
      • HS Math I A
      • HS Math II A
      • Earth Science A
      • English 9 A
      • English 10 A
      • English 11 A
      • US History 10 A
      • US History 11 A


    • Break: 
      July 2 & 3 - No School

    • Session 2:  
      July 6, 2020 - July 24, 2020

    • Session 2 Classes:
      • Biology B
      • Earth Science B
      • Eastern Geographical Perspectives
      • Economics
      • English 9 B
      • English 10 B
      • English 11 B
      • Heath
      • HS Math I B
      • HS Math II B
      • Speech
      • US History 10 B
      • US History 11 B

Idaho Digital Learning Academy

  • IDLA offers online classes to Idaho students.  Students can take a variety of core and elective courses.

    IDLA has three course sessions: 
    -Early Summer (June 1-August 14)
    -Late Summer (June 15-August 28)
    -Dual Credit (June 1-August 28)


    • $75.00 per course.
    • Students can use their Fast Forward Funds if they are enrolled in 6 classes this spring and 6 classes in the fall and they have not failed the course.  
    • If a student is taking a Dual Credit course, there is no fee for the IDLA class.  Students pay for the credit through the college/university.  Students can use their Fast Forward Funds to pay for the college credit
    • Visit the MHS Fast Forward page for more information about the program.


    How to Register:

    1. Download the Summer IDLA Registration form (complete and return to your counselor)
    2. View course offerings 
    3. Go to http://register.idla.us
      1. Enter the Fast Pass Code listed on the registration form for your counselor the and session you are wanting.
      2. Click New Student Registration if you have not taken IDLA classes OR Returning Student if you have taken IDLA classes before.
      3. Enter contact information for you and a parent/guardian
      4. Select the class(es) you are wanting to take and scroll up to click submit
    4. Complete the registration form and email the form to your counselor with the required signatures and initials.
    5. Once your counselor receives the form, they will approve you for the class(es) you registered for.
    6. Once your registration is approved, you will receive emails with your user name and password, and information about your classes.  If you have not taken an IDLA class before, you will also get an email about the required online orientation class.  The orientation class must be completed by the first day of the class or IDLA will drop you from the course.


     Registration Deadlines

    Summer 2020

    Early Summer

    Late Summer

    Summer DC

    IDLA Registration form deadline (turn into your counselor)




    Online Payment Deadline




    Session Start Date




    Final Exam Week