• Celebrating our Awesome Ambassadors!

  • ~ Kindergarten ~

    Math Force Puzzle  Writing sight words in salt  Completing a hundreds chart on her sliding glass door  Writing about spring using a 5 star sentence strategy  Golfing for PE Today  Saying the Pledge  Lost a Tooth!  Math Shape Drawing  Sight Words with Goldfish  iRead at Home  Art - Paint Pouring  Measuring With Feet and Journaling  Cooking Lesson  Building a shelter with big sister  I became a big sister... finally!  Beautiful Day for PE  Earth Day Nature Walk  Family Art Day  Easter Fun  Andrus Extension  Rainbow Coloring Sight Words  Learning About The Planets  Journaling About Seasons  Reading with Daddy  Playing Prodigy  Find the Sight Words Activity  Showing her 5-Star Super Sentences  Easter Family Fun  Doing Morning Work and Calendar  Dissecting and Labeling a Tulip  Narrative Story about Bug  


  • ~ First Grade ~


    Art ~ A Scene from The Magic Treehouse  Science Project ~ potential & kinetic energy  Soaking up a Great Book!  Rollin' Reader  Natural science - Making bird feeders for our backyard  Working on numbers  My favorite color writing  Math Time  Working hard on reading fluency  Counting to 100  Practicing spelling in sugar  How much money do I need to buy?  Chilling in the Tub w a Great Book  Learning how to make lunch  Writing is fun!  Learning with his class of Elmos

  • ~ Second Grade ~


    Working with 3-digit numbers  My Monster Has Pointy Horns  Komodo Learning  Three digit addition  Money Matters  Komodo Learning 02  Dictionary Logic    PE Time  Pledge of Allegiance w Family  Reading Ricotta  Study Time  Virtual Hug Recipient  Doing 3rd grade math!  Study Time  Spring Writing  Importance of recycling  PE at Hulls Gulch  Reading Time  Sitting on My Own Island  Monster Madness  School Meeting  Baking School  PE in the Foothills  

  • ~ Third Grade ~



    Earth Day Art made with recycled materials  Earth Day Art made with recycled materials  Mini Autobiography  New Guidlines for our Community  3rd Grade Time Capsul  Scientist Biography Report   Friction Ramp Activity Andrus Kindness Challenge  Homemade American flag!  Completing his reading activity  Science activity   Reading in the tub!  Science Experiment  Time Capsule

    Time capsule  Time capsule  looking at lesson plans  School work  Science  Writing

     Reading  Playing a math game  Playing heads up seven up with his siblings  Family mud project  Family completing a mud experiment  Reading activity

    Tulip Dissection  Fun Remote Learning  Art pictures  displays of his art projects  Displays of his art   USS Arizona  National Monument project of the USS Arizona Exploding science kit   Bubble gum experiment  Working on an art project   Science experiment   Memorial day art. Poppies for remembrance

    National Monument project of Mt. Rushmore  National Monument project of Mt. Rushmore  Science project Building a Catapult  Playing a multiplication game  Remote learning

    National Monument project of the Effigy Mounds  National Monument project of the Effigy Mounds  National Monument project of the Effigy Mounds   Grant’s Daily Reading  Riding on the Greenbelt  Taking the Pups to Bruno Sand Dunes

  • ~ Fourth Grade ~




     Creative Critter Crafts Learning the States and Capitals  Diving into Mythology  Learn about honey Eat honey  Tie Dye Fun  Learning all the bones in the body  Learning all the bones in the body  Venn Diagram of Mythology Characters   Oregon Trail Book Project Reading; Tent style   Leading the family outing!  Let's go fly a kite!  Lucky girl.  Now that’s recess  Recorder Fun!  Hamster Haiku!  Kindness! Thank you, Mailman!  Building Bridges  Tepee  Teepee part 2 Teepee  Tepee creation  Building a N.A Tipi


    Thinking it Through  Art Creatures  Building Bridges  Budding Meteorologist  Periodical Table Experiments  Extreme PE  I've got the Poetry Blues  New kittens are the best! Recess Just Dance  Let’s go fly a kite!  Kindness! Thank you, mailman!  Ocean poetry  Division perfection  Puppy acrostic   Planting Flowers Idaho State Flag  Cooking and fractions 2  Cooking and Fractions  Hamster apartment building   Math is Double Fun  Puzzle picture  


     Balloon Barometers  Gold Rush Advertisement  Essay from last week  Roller coaster science  Build a Covered Wagon  Cooking


     Having fun in the kitchen  Having fun in the kitchen  A Little Help From My Kitty!  Model 3D Room  Native American Diorama  Native American Diorama

    Gold Rush Advertisement and Postcard from the Oregon Trail  Making Cookies  YUM  Building a Skeleton  Math Hopscotch  Reading Comprehension    Dancing Raisins Experiment  Dancing Raisins Experiment Dancing Raisins Experiment  Teepee  Teepee  Teepee  Teepee  Teepee  Teepee  Teepee

    How plants absorb water and nutrients  How plants absorb water and nutrients  Pretzel Chef  Hiking with flat  Working hard!  Pool noodle airplane that glides  3-D Dinosaur

     Resting with Flat Mrs Tobias  Geometry Art

  • ~ Fifth Grade ~


     Concentrating at the dining room table  Using a data table for science  Colonizing a planet with a new nation and ecosystem  Edible Earth  Fruit Pizza  Jump Ropping  Colony  

    The mushroom is the inner core, the pepperoni is the outer core, the cheese is the mantle, and the crust is the crust  Edible Earth  A math baking activity with the cake  Design your own colony activity with the piece of paper  STEM Science project for the toothpickmarshmellow  Puppy

    loving the mission impossible  Miss you  Obstacle course fun  Science Experiment



  • ~ So MANY Treasures! ~


    Andrus' Classified Employee of the year!!  A Bloom from Me to You  Teaching Treasures  Missing you at home with my furry animals!  Teaching Treasure  Making his teacher feel very loved  Teaching Treasure  Missing You Frowny-Faces  4th Grade Team w the Teacher of the Year