• Need help saving your copy of your 4 Year Planner? Follow these steps:



    Parents and Students,
    While completing the 4-Year Planner you will notice a place where you are to put your Career Clusters from the Naviance Career Cluster Finder you completed prior to Reality Town in your English class.  If you don't remember what yours were, don't panic!!  Here are 3 options for you:
    1.) Leave them blank as you can always fill them in at a later date (i.e. next year). 
    2.) Click the drop-down menu and choose 3 that interest you.
    3.) Log onto Naviance to find them. 
    4.) Accessing Naviance from home? Click on the Naviance tab for directions.


    Questions?  Email Tiffany Myers (myers.tiffany@westada.org)