20-21 LCMS Health and Safety Plan

  • Goals:

    1. Protect the health and safety of students and staff - physical, emotional, and mental.  
    2. Consistent with local health authorities’ recommendations
    3. Guaranteed and viable curriculum for all students and schools.  
    4. Adaptability and flexibility with evolution of COVID 19.  
    5. Emphasize a culture of personal accountability and high integrity
    6. Encourage predictable patterns of behavior 
    7. Limit Interactions and isolate groups as much as possible.  The more proactive and self-contained plans are the less impact a building will have when they have a positive case.  When there is a positive case does the plan and effective implementation of the plan result in remote learning for an impacted classroom, grade, POD, school versus multiple schools and/or entire District. 

    LCMS Building Health and Safety Quick Guide

  • Click here to see full West Ada School District Fall Reopening Plan

Facility Strategies

  • Administrator and custodian walk-through: 

    • LCMS Administration requested that teachers remove personal and non-essential furniture and other items from classrooms in July
    • LCMS Administration and custodians will conduct a room check in early August to review classroom layout, table spacing, and the potential for the removal of non-essential furniture or items
    • LCMS Administrators and/or custodians will conduct room checks weekly

    Cleaning processes: 

    • Frequent hand washing and/or hand sanitizing will be an area of training and will be encouraged school-wide and within classes. WASD has ensured that the school will have access to have enough inventory of soap. 
    • Wall mount hand sanitizer stations will be placed in every classroom (upon delivery). 
    • Daily, LCMS custodial staff will disinfect frequently touched surfaces such as doors and door handles, light switches, and hand railings with the Victory sprayer (an electrostatically charged sprayer) in conjunction with the chemical; BruTab 6S (Disinfectant tablet).
    • Daily LCMS custodial staff will provide a deeper disinfection of desktops, tables, and other surfaces tops with a chemical called SC Johnson TruShot Disinfectant. Along with this cleaning, twice a week locker fronts, and Locker rooms will be disinfected with the Victory Sprayer in conjunction with the BruTab 6S (Disinfectant Tablet). 
    • Teachers will be supplied with classroom cleaning materials to clean desks and necessary shared items as directed.

    Classroom layout: 

    • Classrooms will be organized to maximize distance between students and minimize the opportunity for face to face contact.
    • All non-essential furniture will be removed from the classrooms prior to the start of the school year.
    • Procedures will be developed by each teacher to minimize student groupings or use of classroom equipment such as white. board markers or pencil sharpeners.

    Library use, access and furniture: 

    • Library will remove non-essential furniture and items prior to the start of the school year.
    • Tables will be organized to maximize distance between students and minimize the opportunity for face to face contact.
    • Library schedule will be created to limit visits to one class at a time.
    • Library will not be open to drop in visitors.
    • Library will coordinate opportunities with classrooms to make subject specific carts available for use in classrooms.

    Computer lab use and cleaning: 

    • LCMS computer labs are not community used labs. They are used by one teacher with one set of students.
    • Keyboards and other equipment will be cleaned between use when personal devices cannot be used.


    • LCMS will use district purchased and school purchased signage to promote physical distancing in hallways, cafeteria, library, locker rooms and other community locations.
    • Teachers will be provided signage for use in their room at their discretion.
    • Vinyl tape will be used in the hallways to provide directional arrows to promote physical distancing during transition times.
    • Cafeteria tables will be marked with available and unavailable seating that allows for physical distancing.
    • In addition to the 2 plexiglass barriers purchased by the district, LCMS has purchased 9 small and 8 large plexiglass barriers. These will be used in the front office, bookkeeper office, registrar office, library circulation desk, nurses office, school psychologist office, and SLP office.
    • LCMS has purchased table top barriers for use in classrooms where it is more difficult to maintain physical distances.


    • LCMS will group students in teams (1 and 2, A and B) to provide the opportunity for staggered passing periods, staggered lunches, and staggered locker usage.
    • Students will be assigned lockers based on their team to minimize overlap of lockers.
    • Locker usage will be limited to before school, lunch, and after school.

Operations Strategies

  • Bell Schedule: 

    • LCMS Bell schedule will be altered to eliminate break.
    • LCMS will not offer assemblies, so the assembly schedule will not be used.

    School Arrival: 

    • Arrival to school should not occur prior to 8:10am (Wednesday 8:25)
      • Doors will not be open so students must remain in vehicles or on busses. No congregating on campus.
    • Upon arrival, students should enter the building, go directly to their locker to store their coat, backpack, cell phone, and lunch.
    • Students will not loiter at their lockers. They will report directly to their advisory class.
    • LCMS has a 6th, 7th and 8th grade hallway. Students should not go to hallway that aren’t their grade level.

    School Departure: 

    • Students will exit 8th period by assigned Team.
      • Team 1 (in Green schedule) or A (in Yellow schedule) will exit at the first exit bell.
      • Team 2 (in Green schedule) or B (in Yellow schedule) will exit at the second exit bell.
    • As students are exited from class, they will retrieve items from lockers and exit the building immediately.
    • Upon arrival to the bus lane at the back of the school or the parent pick up lane at the front of the school, they will immediately board their bus or car to exit.
    • Students who walk, must exit campus immediately.
    • There is no congregating or loitering on campus. There will be no arrangements made for staying after school.

    Student movement: 

    • Students will walk down the right side of the hallway. Hallways will have markings to indicate traffic flow.
    • There is no stopping or congregating in the hallways.

    Entrances and Exits: 

    • Bus riders will enter through the FCS door at the back of the school. Exit to the bus lane should be at the FCS door or the 6th grade hallway (by room 111) and 8th grade hallway (by room 121) doors. 
    • Students who walk should enter and exit through the front doors or the 6th grade hallway door by room 104
    • Students who are dropped off will enter and exit the front door or the Band door.
    • Students are not allowed to congregate inside or outside at the beginning or end of the day. Students must exit campus immediately.

    Release/transition times: 

    • Transitions from period to period will be staggered
      • Team 1 (in Green schedule) or A (in Yellow schedule) will exit at the first exit bell.
      • Team 2 (in Green schedule) or B (in Yellow schedule) will exit at the second exit bell.
    • At the mid-passing period bell (2nd bell) Team 1 (in Green schedule) or A (in Yellow schedule) should be lined up at their classroom along the wall, keeping physical distance. Entrance to room will occur immediately after Team 2 (in Green schedule) or B (in Yellow schedule) exits the room.
    • By the tardy bell, Team 2 (in Green schedule) or B (in Yellow schedule) will enter their classroom.
    • There is no stopping at lockers or stopping to congregate.
    • Students may use the restroom during breaks, but are not allowed to congregate at the mirrors. Physical distancing should be maintained and only 2 students should be waiting in the bathroom for available stalls.
    • Hand sanitation will be recommended upon entry to class.
    • Teachers will be on duty at their door before school, after school, and at every passing period
      • Odd classroom numbers – teacher will be on duty with Team 1 or A
      • Even classroom numbers – teacher will be on duty with Team 2 or B


    • Only those students who are purchasing breakfast are to report to the cafeteria.
      • Students purchasing breakfast will follow physical distancing signage as they line up to get food.
      • Students may sit only in assigned seats in the cafeteria to eat.
      • Students must pick up their garbage and dispose of it properly before leaving the cafeteria.


    • Break is not included in the LCMS bell schedule for 2020-2021


    • Handwashing or hand sanitation will be recommended prior to lunch.
    • Exit to lunches will be aligned with all building transitions
      • Team 1 (in Green schedule) or A (in Yellow schedule) will exit at the first lunch bell.
      • Team 2 (in Green schedule) or B (in Yellow schedule) will exit at the second lunch bell.
    • Lunches will be staggered to limit the number of students in the cafeteria
      • Team 1 (in Green schedule) or A (in Yellow schedule) will begin lunch in the cafeteria eating
      • Team 2 (in Green schedule) or B (in Yellow schedule) will begin the lunch period outside on the playground.
    • At the mid-lunch bell, Team 1 (in Green schedule) or A (in Yellow schedule) will exit through the Vending/Band doors to the playground and Team 2 (in Green schedule) or B (in Yellow schedule) will enter the FCS doors to the cafeteria to eat.
    • At the end of the lunch period, Team 2 (in Green schedule) or B (in Yellow schedule) will exit the cafeteria to lockers and then immediately to class. At the second bell, Team 1 (in Green schedule) or A (in Yellow schedule) will enter the building, go to lockers and then immediately to class.
    • Physical distancing will be expected on the playground
    • No playground equipment will be available for checkout

    Performance-based courses: 

    • Physical distancing guidelines will be followed for all classes including classes such as band, orchestra, choir, and PE.
    • Teachers will develop activities that follow physical distancing guidelines.
    • When possible, classes may be conducted outside.

    PE lockers: 

    • Students will first report to the gymnasium for attendance.
    • Staff will devise attendance routines that support the physical distancing expectations.
    • PE lockers will be color coded to support physical distancing and students will access their locker to dress down based on the color of their locker.
    • Teachers will release students in stages for locker room usage.

    School lockers:  

    • Lockers will be assigned to student based on their Team (1 or 2, A or B) to minimize hallway congestion.
    • Lockers are only to be used before school, lunch and after school
      • Only essential items should be stored in lockers. Please do not bring locker decorations, shelving, etc.
      • Cell phones, backpacks, coats and lunches should be stored in the locker during the day.
    • LCMS will provide all students with a cinch sack and pencil pouch to carry essential classroom materials from class to class
    • Cinch sacks are to remain at school and should not travel from home to school.

    Device management: 

    • Distribution: LCMS Distribution plan will be dependent on whether we start in Green, Yellow or Red. Responsible Use Agreements will be sent out prior to the start of school. If we are in Green or Yellow, distribution will occur in the student’s English class. If Red, we will create a last name alphabet timeline for distribution and follow procedures where parents arrive, state name and device is handed through the car window.
    • Insurance: District is offering insurance. Details will be provided on cost and coverage.
    • Maintenance: Students are expected to maintain their devices as outlined in the Responsible Use Agreement. Any damage should be reported immediately. Devices will be inspected regularly. District will provide a storage case for all devices. Students are encouraged to use this case.Parents are encouraged to check student devices regularly.
    • Student tech aides: As students are identified as being good tech support, we can make them library assistants. Quick support will be handled through the library with an in-building Request for Support process or using the district helpdesk lines. A handout will be available at the time of device distribution with reminders about device care and support.


    • A hall pass system will be created for teachers to follow with students.  Safe School and Paras will be used to offer bathroom breaks for teachers during passing time.

Student Strategies

  • Return to school: 

    • 6th grade orientation will be done virtually with a school video available to parents on our website.
    • A Building Heath and Safety Video will be made for parents and students to watch before the first day of school
    • On the first day of school the Building Health and Safety plan will be reviewed throughout the day to allow students to become familiar with procedures and to allow teachers time to discuss these and their classroom procedures with students.
    • On the first day of school, all students will receive a temporary badge on their lanyard that includes their name, grade, and team 1 or 2, and team A or B. This will be worn on a lanyard each day at school. When picture day occurs, the permanent badge will also be worn daily on a lanyard (not on belt clip, in pockets, in cinch sacks, etc.)
    • On the first day of school, students will receive a cinch bag and pencil bag. A sharpie will be used to write the students name, team, and grade on the bag.
    • Regular school announcements will take place and will be an opportunity for celebration and community building

    Ongoing training:  

    • Physical distancing, cough, hand hygiene training videos will be shared quarterly, or more frequently as needed.
    • Correct mask usage training will be shared and posted throughout the school.

    Physical distancing: 

    • Signage for physical distancing will be included in all common areas
    • Hallway directional arrows will be taped to the floors
    • Adults will encourage and remind students about physical distancing.

    Hand cleaning:   

    • Handwashing will be encouraged before and after lab classes, bathroom usage, and lunch.
    • Hand sanitizer will be available for use in all classes.
    • Adults will encourage and remind students about hand sanitation.


    • Students and staff will be reminded and expected to cough in their upper arm away from others.
    • Students exhibiting cough or other mild symptoms will be sent to the nurse to assess
    • An isolation room will be available for students or staff who exhibit mild symptoms.

    Mask/Face Covering use:

    • LCMS will follow the local and state guidelines for mask/face covering use.
    • Appropriate mask or face covering use (covering nose to chin) is expected at all times to protect the LCMS school community.
    • Adults will remind students to keep hands off mask/face covering and to wear over nose and mouth.
    • 1200 reusable masks were donated by an anonymous donor for LCMS staff and students
    • District and school provided masks will be available for those who forget their mask.


    • Staff will encourage opportunities for students to socialize while still maintaining all safety protocols.
    • Counselors will be available for students in need of social and emotional support for individual meetings or group meetings that meet safety protocols.
    • Student Council, NJHS, and Builder’s Club will work with advisors to provide remote opportunities to be a part of the LCMS community.

Parent Strategies

  • Reporting student absences

    • Parents should call the attendance line at 208-350-4271 to report a student absence.
    • If the absence is due to an appointment, when possible, please email or fax the doctor note to the head secretary. If not possible to send the note digitally, notes can be brought to the office by the student.
    • Parents should call the school secretary if the LCMS student has tested positive for COVID-19.

    Student drop off & pick up: 

    • Before and after school drop off should only happen in the designated lanes. Dropoff should not occur before 8:10am (8:25 on W).  Pick up must occur no later than 3:20pm.
    • Students are not permitted to congregate or loiter on campus.
    • Students are not permitted to stay after school for activities or practices if they are not a part of the activity.
    • Students are not permitted to stay after school for athletic contests (no student spectators at games).
    • If parents are unable to come to school by the established times, students are expected to take the appropriate bus.

    Building access and visitation:  

    • There will be no parent drop-in meetings. Please call 208-350-4270 for an appointment.
    • Parent meetings will be held via TEAMS (Virtual Meetings) when possible
    • If the drop-off of items (lunch, paperwork) is needed, parent can use the front door button to call and alert the office. The item will be left in a file cabinet at the front of the school.  Post it notes will be available for parents to identify the student and grade level.
    • If a student needs to be picked up early, parent can call the office in advance so that student can be waiting. Upon arrival at the school, the parent can use the front door button to call the office.  ID will be required to be displayed in the door camera.  Upon verification, the student will be sent to meet the parent in the front of the school.

    How to help: 

    • Monitor your child’s physical condition and inform the school if there are any concerns.
    • If your child is sick, please keep them home.
      • Check teacher websites and TEAMS to keep students current with school work
      • Request homework by emailing teachers
      • If items need to be picked up from the school, call in advance so that materials can be gathered and prepared for pick up from the outside file cabinet.
    • Similar to the school environment, it is imperative that the home is kept clean and health and safety protocols are followed. Time away from school should spent practicing the best safety and health measures to limit potential exposure.
    • Be positive in communicating about the safety protocols and expect students to comply with expectations for the safety of the LCMS community.


    • While there are varying opinions, we are charged with establishing protocols for the safety of everyone in our school. We ask that we work together for the safety and health of all. We will always err on the side of caution when considering the well-being of the LCMS family.

Staff Strategies

  • Return to work: 

    • All staff will review the Building Health and Safety Plan video
    • Details of the plan will be discussed in beginning of the year staff meetings
    • Teachers will review their room setup and identify any additional classroom needs

    Physical distancing: 

    • Physical distancing will be expected
    • All adults will be expected to engage with students and support them in physical distancing

    Hand cleaning:   

    • Staff are expected to practice regular hand sanitation
    • All adults will be expected to encourage and support students in hand sanitization.


    • Cough into the upper part of arm and away from others.
    • If a cough persists, please stay home.
    • All adults will be expected to encourage students to follow appropriate coughing protocol.
    • All adults will be expected to notify Nurse Nicole if there is a student who seems to show mild symptoms.

    Mask use:

    • Mask will be worn covering nose and mouth
    • Visors will be available for all staff if desired
    • All adults will be expected to encourage students to wear their masks appropriately

    Common places expectations: 

    • Staff meetings: Staff Meetings and other meetings will be held via TEAMS
    • Lounge and copy room: Staff will maintain physical distance in the lounge. There will not be any social gatherings, munch and mingles, birthday celebrations. Staff should wipe down microwave and refrigerator handle after use. Staff should not leave any dishes or garbage behind. Anything left behind will be discarded daily.

    Substitute & volunteers:  

    • Building Safety Protocol Quick Reference Guide will be available for all substitutes in the substitute folder.
    • Required masks and optional face shields will be available
    • Only regular volunteer for copying will be allowed in the building


    • Counselors and administrators will be available for any social and emotional needs of staff.
    • Similar to the protocols set up at school, it is imperative that the home is kept clean and health and safety protocols are followed. Time away from school should spent practicing the best safety and health measures to limit potential exposure.

Other Consideration Strategies

  • COVID Testing & Reporting:

    • Utilizing existing processes for communicable diseases, positiveCOVID cases, knowledge of individual who has received a COVID test and is awaiting results, or knowledge of an exposure, will be reported to the Health Services department with consideration of the following: 
    • Confidentiality with ADA and HIPAA WILL be maintained 
    • Staff member contacts school nurse.  School nurse will follow Health Services process for handling of communicable diseases 
      • *Athletics – Staff member will notify ATC/AD in addition to school nurse
    • Independent decisions to send out communication will not occur.  


    • Back to school videos will be available on our website.


    • LCMS will not hold any large group assemblies during the 2020-2021 school year.
    • Virtual awards assemblies and end of year send-off parades will continue.
    • Additional opportunities for physically distant celebrations will be coordinated and considered.

    Parent-Teacher Conferences: 

    • Parent-teacher conferences will be done via TEAMS for the highest need students.  Other communication can happen throughout the year via email, phone call, or TEAMS meetings.

    PTSA Family Carnival: 

    • PTSA will not host the in-person Family Carnival. Watch for information from PTSA for virtual school events.