20-21 MVHS Health and Safety Plan

  • Subject to change based on school district and state health guidelines.

    *Masks are required for students and staff during the weeks of September 10- September 24, 2021, regardless of Opt Out form.

    *Masks are required for students and staff unless an Opt Out form has been submitted 


    1. Protect the health and safety of students and staff - physical, emotional and mental.  
    2. Consistent with local health authorities’ recommendations
    3. Guaranteed and viable curriculum for all students and schools.  
    4. Adaptability and flexibility with evolution of COVID 19.  
    5. Emphasize a culture of personal accountability and high integrity
  • Click here to see full West Ada School District Fall Reopening Plan

Facility Strategies

  • Facility Considerations

    • Regular administrator and/or custodial walk-through
    • Cleaning Schedule and Process
    • Classroom/Desk Layout and Spacing
    • Elimination of non-essential items in classrooms to allow for maximum spacing between students to the best of our ability. (ex: staff’s personal furniture, extra tables, etc…)
    • Masks and/or Face Shields are required, parents have an opt-out option through the district
    • Library use, access and furniture (soft furniture will have do not use signs)
    • Appropriate and approved signage and plexiglass placement
    • Classroom cleaning routines as much as possible and when necessary. Students will be asked to sanitize or wash hands upon entry to classes every period.

    Facility Strategies:

    Administrator and custodian walk-through: 

    • The Principal or his designee from the administrative team will complete a building walk-through with the head custodian twice a month.
    • The intent of the walk-through is to identify any troublesome areas and to remedy the concern in a timely manner.

    Cleaning processes: 

    • Frequent hand washing and/or hand sanitizing is of upmost importance in preventing the spread of COVID Therefore, WASD has ensured that we have enough inventory of soap. 
    • Wall mount hand sanitizer stations have been placed outside every classroom. 
    • Disinfectant is provided to teachers to clean student desks periodically.
    • WASD will be disinfecting daily, frequently touched surfaces such as doors and door handles, light switches, and hand railings with the Victory sprayer (an electrostatically charged sprayer) in conjunction with the chemical; BruTab 6S (Disinfectant tablet).
    • 2 times a week schools will have a deeper disinfection of desktops, tables, and other surfaces tops with a chemical called SC Johnson TruShot Disinfectant. Along with this 2 times a week locker fronts and Locker rooms will be disinfected with the Victory Sprayer in conjunction with the BruTab 6S (Disinfectant Tablet). 

    Classroom layout: 

    • Teachers will rearrange student desks to maximize distance and minimize face to face contact.
    • All nonessential items will be removed once the administrator walk-through has happened. Examples of nonessential items are those that have no instructional, learning, or job-related purpose. 

    Library use, access and furniture: 

    • Access to the library will be monitored.
    • Only a certain number of students will be allowed in the library during lunch.
    • All cloth furniture, and difficult furniture to clean will be used on a limited basis, or will not be accessible, during the 2021-22 school year.

    Computer lab use and cleaning: 

    • Computer labs will solely be used for academic classes.
    • Students will use the hand sanitizer immediately upon entering the classroom and will sanitize their workstation as a regularly scheduled task when directed by the teacher.

Operations Strategies

  • Operations

    • Beginning and end of the day
      • Students will head to their first period class as soon as they get on campus. Classrooms will be open for students by 7:15.
    • During the day
      • Students will walk down the righthand side of the hallway.
      • Students will be encouraged not to congregate in the hallway. They will need to move directly from one class to the next during passing periods.
      • Student entrances and exits of the building will be varied and based on location of the classroom.
        • Cafeteria
          • Accessible sanitizing stations
          • Flow with appropriate distancing
          • Seating in hallways and outside when weather permits
        • Lockers will be available upon request. Students will be able to use backpacks. Individual accommodations will be reviewed by administration. Lockers will be assigned to freshman class.

    Operations Strategies:

    Bell Schedule: 

    • High school bell schedule will be posted on the MVHS website for the 2021-22 school year.

    School Arrival: 

    • We will have a designee stationed at the bus and student drop off areas.
    • All students entering the building will enter through doors marked “ENTRANCE”.
    • Student drivers will park in designated areas, exit their cars and enter through designated entrance doors.
    • Security and administrative staff will assist in monitoring the hallway.
    • We are asking that students arrive no sooner than 7:10am.
    • Staff will remind students to sanitize hands prior to entering the classroom.

    School Departure: 

    • The students will be released at the end of the day by using the closest exit.

    Release/transition times: 

    • Passing periods will be 5 minutes and students will walk on the right side of the hallway.   
    • Students will exit the building using the nearest exit doors.
    • Staff members will be in the hallway during the transitions to support and reinforce the protocols.
    • Students are expected to immediately report to their next period.


    • Students will be allowed to retrieve breakfast items upon entering the building in the morning, eat, and then report to their 1st period class.   


    • Students who leave campus during lunch must do so in a timely manner using the nearest exit.
    • We will also allow students to sit along the wall in the hallways during lunch.
    • Brown bag lunches will be available to students in a few different locations so students do not need to all report to the cafeteria to get their lunch.   
    • Teachers may choose to allow a minimal number of students to eat in their classroom under their supervision. During the lunch break, students may congregate in the hallways as much physical distancing occurs as much as possible. 
    • During the warmer months and when weather conditions allow, students will be encouraged to be outside during lunch.
    • Students who eat lunch off campus will return to the building in time to begin their 3rd period class.
    • At the end of lunch, students will go immediately to their next class.
    • Staff members will be present to help monitor students.
    • All students will be reminded to use the available hand sanitizer and/or washing their hands prior to eating their lunch.  

    Performance-based courses: 

    • The administration will work closely with the Performing Arts and Physical Education teachers to create a sanitary environment where student will be asked to sanitize their hands as much as possible.
    • All nonessential items will be removed from the classrooms and students will be spread out as much as possible.
    • Teachers will have the opportunity to arrange for classes to be held outside.

    PE lockers: 

    • The PE lockers will be sanitize on a daily basis.
    • Students will be asked to sanitize entering & exiting the locker room.
    • Cardiovascular cool down period will be provided prior to entering the locker room.

    School lockers:  

    • Lockers are optional will not be assigned, with the exception of freshmen during the 2021-22 school year and will be allowed to carry backpacks.
    • Individual accommodations will be reviewed by administration.

    Device management:  

    • Distribution:
      • All schools will have a device distribution plan that will be communicated to students, staff and parents prior to the start of school.
    • Insurance:
      • All schools will have a process to offer and track insurance.
    • Maintenance:
      • All schools will have a plan to maintain and support the devices which will include the student tech aides.
    • Student tech aides:
      • The administration will work closely with the District Network Tech and the student tech aides to create a process that allows for quick troubleshooting of minor issues. The student tech aides will primarily work from the library and will be “on call” to provide support in library every period of the school day. 

Student Strategies

  • Students

    • Return to school care, celebration and operational training
    • Ongoing behavioral education and reminders
    • Hand hygiene
    • Covering cough/sneeze
    • Correct mask use- cover nose and mouth

    Student Strategies:

    • Return to school:
      • The staff will have a welcome back orientation for all new students that welcome and celebrate the students back to school and communicate expectations of the 2021-22 school year.
      • The counseling department will create protocols for the students to follow if there is any discomfort about being in the school.
    • Hand cleaning:  
      • Frequent hand washing and/or hand sanitizing is of upmost importance in preventing the spread of COVID. 
      • Wall mount hand sanitizer stations and/or hand sanitizer have been purchased for placement in every classroom.
    • Coughing/Sneezing:
      • Students will be reminded to cough/sneeze into their upper arm and away from others at all time.
      • They are encouraged to report having a cough to their parents and school nurse if the cough recently developed.
    • Mask use:
      • Masks are required in the classroom unless a medical exemption or a parent Opt Out form is noted in PowerSchool. Students will be reminded to keep the mask over their nose and mouth and to not touch it with their hands.
      • Students should not share their masks with other students.
      • Parents may fill out an OPT Out form for wearing a face mask
    • Parents
      • Reporting student absences
      • Student drop off & pick up
      • Building access and visitation will be limited

Parent Strategies

  • Parent Strategies:

    • Reporting student absences:
      • Parents will report an absence by calling the schools absence phone number.
      • In the case that a student has contracted the virus, the parent is requested to provide this information to the attendance secretary.
    • Student drop off & pick up:
      • Parents are requested to exclusively use the designated student drop off & pickup location before and after school.
    • Building access and visitation:
      • Parents are encouraged to wait outside when picking up their child.
      • When the need to enter the school exists, the parent will be restricted to the office area.
      • Having lunch at the school with their child will not be permitted during the 2021-22 school year.
      • During the 2021-22 school year no parent drop-ins will be permitted.
      • Parents will request an appointment when it is necessary to meet in person with school personnel.
      • Masks will be required when entering the building.
      • Visitors will not be permitted during the school day. If it is necessary to be on campus, while inside the building, volunteers and guests must wear a mask.
      • A virtual meeting or phone conference is the most desirable manner to hold a parent meeting.  
    • How to help:
      • Continue to monitor your child’s physical condition.
      • If your child is sick, please keep them home.
      • Similar to the school environment, it is imperative that the home is kept as clean as possible and proper hygiene protocols are followed.
      • An isolation room (in the nurses office) will be created for students who show mild symptoms and needs to be picked up.
      • Masks must be worn.
      • A table will be placed outside the building and parents can alert the office when dropping items off for their child. Items must be clearly marked with the name of the student.   

Staff Strategies



    • Return to work care, celebration and operational training
    • Ongoing behavioral education and reminders
      • Hand hygiene
      • Cover cough
      • Mask use
    • Common places expectations
      • Staff meeting location
      • Lounge
      • Copy room
    • Substitute & volunteer procedures

    Staff Strategies:

    • Return to work:
      • All staff members will review this plan.
      • Staff will discuss methods to maintain communication with the students, parents and staff.
    • Hand cleaning:  
      • Frequent hand washing and/or hand sanitizing is of upmost importance in the prevention of the spread of COVID. 
      • Wall mount hand sanitizer stations have been purchased for placement throughout the school
    • Cough/Sneeze:
      • Staff will be reminded to cough/sneeze into their upper arm and away from others at all time.
      • Staff is encouraged to monitor their health & to stay home if needed.
    • Mask use:
      • Teachers will support the students in the proper use of the mask as well as demonstrate their awareness of how they respond when properly wearing a mask.
    • Copy room/ Staff Lounge:
      • Will be sanitized and clean of clutter
    • Substitute & volunteers:
      • The substitutes will be provided a copy of the highlights of the Building Health and Safety plan and reminded of the expectations at the time of check-in.
      • Volunteers will be discouraged during the 2021-22 school year unless specific arrangements are made between the teacher and the administration.

Other Consideration Strategies

  • Other Considerations

    • COVID Testing and Reporting
    • Evacuation/Fire Drills
    • Assemblies
    • Evacuation Drills
    • Orientation
    • Parent-Teacher Conferences
    • Dances

    o COVID Testing & Reporting:

    • Utilizing existing processes for communicable diseases, positive COVID cases, knowledge of individual who has received a COVID test and is awaiting results, or knowledge of an exposure, will be reported to the Health Services department with consideration of the following:
      • Confidentiality with ADA and HIPAA WILL be maintained
      • Staff member contacts school nurse. School nurse will follow Health Services process for handling of communicable diseases
      • Athletics – Staff member will notify ATC/AD in addition to school nurse
      • Independent decisions to send out communication will not occur.
    • Evacuation Drills
      • Evacuation/Fire drills will be done monthly, as a school, as required by the state.
    • Assemblies:
      • All physical school assemblies will be considered.  All options will be explored during the school year.
    • Parent-Teacher Conferences:
      • Parent-Teacher conferences will be held virtually or by phone and by appointment only.
    • Dances:
      • All dances for the 2021-22 school year will be explored & considered.