21 - 22 Willow Creek Health and Safety Plan

  • Goals:

    1. Protect the health and safety of students and staff - physical, emotional, and mental  
    2. Consistent with local health authorities’ recommendations
    3. Guaranteed and viable curriculum for all students and schools  
    4. Adaptability and flexibility with evolution of COVID 19  
    5. Emphasize a culture of personal accountability and high integrity
    6. Encourage predictable patterns of behavior
    7. Limit Interactions & Isolate groups as much as possible. The more proactive and self-contained plans are, the less impact a building will have when they have a positive case. When there is a positive case does the plan and effective implementation of the plan result in remote learning for an impacted classroom, grade, POD, school vs multiple schools and/or entire District.
  • Click here to see full West Ada School District Fall Reopening Plan

Facility Strategies

  • Administrator and custodian walk-through

    • Custodian will do daily walkthrough to check on soap and hand sanitizer and stock when necessary

     Cleaning processes:

    • Wall mount hand sanitizer stations placed in every classroom and high traffic areas (front office, cafeteria, etc). 
    • Daily disinfecting of frequently touched surfaces such as doors and door handles, light switches, and hand railings with the Victory sprayer (an electrostatically charged sprayer) in conjunction with the chemical; BruTab 6S (Disinfectant tablet).
    • 2 times a week schools will have a deeper disinfection of desktops, tables, and other surfaces tops with a chemical called SC Johnson TruShot Disinfectant. Along with this 2 times a week, student cubbies will be disinfected with the Victory Sprayer in conjunction with the BruTab 6S (Disinfectant Tablet). 
    • Teachers will have access to wipes and or disinfecting spray to sanitize areas that are frequently touched throughout the day.

    Mask Use Students

    • Masks are required to be worn for the 2021-2022 school year unless an Opt-Out Form or Medical Exemption is filled out and the exemption is recorded in PowerSchool.
    • Students will be reminded to keep the mask over their nose and mouth and to not touch it with their hands.

    Mask Use Staff

    • Teachers will support the students in the proper use of the mask as well as demonstrate their awareness of how they respond when properly wearing a mask.
    • Masks are required to be worn in the building and when students are in the classroom unless an Opt-Out Form or Medical Exemption is filled out and provided to Administration or Nurse. Staff is encouraged to wear masks to limit the possibility of exposure and quarantine.

    Classroom layout:

    • All classrooms will be arranged to maximize the spacing between student desks. In cases where physical distancing is not possible due to the number of students or available furniture (tables vs. desks), Pods will be considered.  Pods will consist of 3 – 5 students.  Teachers may place students who are wearing masks in pods with other students wearing a mask.
    • Teachers will remind students NOT TO SHARE laptops or computer keyboards, drinks, food, snacks, gum, writing utensils, tissues, face masks, make-up, chap stick, eating utensils, musical instruments, or personal items.
    • Teachers may consider holding class outside when weather permits and the material to be taught allows for this.
    • If a student reports feeling ill or appears to be ill, remove the student from the classroom in a manner that protects the individual students' privacy and into the hallway, where the student must be physically distanced from all other persons. Contact the school nurse prior to sending the student to the nurse and advise the nurse of the student’s symptoms so that the nurse can make the necessary preparations to receive the child. The student should then be escorted to the school nurse.
    • Teachers should be mindful of their proximity and duration of close contact with students within the classroom. Within a class period, teachers should avoid being within (six) 6 feet of a student for a duration of 15 minutes or more without wearing a mask.
    • Teachers should consider every type of classroom activity and how to conduct those activities with the mitigating measures in place.

    Library use, access and furniture:

    • All physical distancing and guidelines are in effect during use. Students will remain in the pods of 4 created by their general education teacher.
    • Access to the library will be on a limited basis. Students will not be permitted to go to the library at the beginning and at the end of the day. 

    Computer lab use and cleaning: 

    • Access to the computer lab will be on a limited basis.
    • Students will use the hand sanitizer immediately upon entering and exiting the classroom and will use the sanitizing wipes on their workstation as a regularly scheduled task when directed by the teacher.

Student Strategies

  •   Arrival/Dismissal:

    • Students will remain outside upon arrival at school no earlier than 8:50.
    • Students are expected to leave campus immediately following dismissal.
    • Students will keep personal belongings (backpacks, coats, lunch boxes) with them while on the playground/arrival/dismissal/staging locations
    • Staging Locations
      • Bus – Students will wait in line for bus maintaining social distance
      • Parent Pick-up – Students will wait with siblings/carpool in the front of the school for parent/guardian to pick-up
      • Walking – Students walking will leave school grounds immediately. If walking with a group, students should designate a location outside to meet students with whom they are walking home.

     Office/Check In-Out Areas:

    • Tardy/late students will enter through the main office doors and check-in using the typical processes.
    • Students will wash/sanitize hands prior to entering the building, past the front office area.
    • Accompanying parents/guardians will remain in the main office area.


    • Student walkway/hallway transitions will ensure 6- foot distancing between classes.
    • Students will avoid congregating and/or stopping in walkways/hallways.
    • Students will observe visual markers and signage that direct traffic flow in walkways/hallways.


    • All students will hand wash after using the restroom.
    • No adjacent sinks, urinals, or stalls to limit the number of people in the restroom and increase the distance between sinks, urinals and stalls. Sinks, urinals, or stalls not being used will be covered.
    • Expectations and universal precaution signage will be posted at student restrooms entry/exit


    • Students will use hand sanitizer as they enter the classroom and frequently as per teacher instruction or personal preference.
    • Students will use their own personal supplies and will keep them separate from other student supplies.
    • Students will be assigned a specific cubby to place personal belonging.
    • Students are expected to take home personal items daily (backpacks, coats, lunch boxes, etc) so that cubbies and shelves can be sanitized.


    • All student will handwash/hand sanitize before eating lunch
    • Students will practice no-touch rules while in lines
    • Students will eat lunch in the cafeteria. Staff will reduce the number of students at one table from 24 to 16. 
    • Students will practice safe, respectful, and polite eating habits.
    • Students will be dismissed from the cafeteria as soon as they finish eating reducing the amount of time students are sitting next to other students in the cafeteria.
    • Students will need to use the restroom will first ask the lunch duty. One student at a time will be allowed to use the restroom.
    • Students will only consume the food provided by the cafeteria, store bought delivered food, or brought from home


    • Students will wash/sanitize hands prior to entering the classroom from the playground.

    Specials (PE/Health/Music/Library/Computer Lab:

    • Students will participate in typical specials.
    • Universal precautions will be taught/reviewed prior to entering the specials classroom.
    • All students will wash/sanitize hands prior to entering a specials classroom.

    Physical Education (PE)

    • Physical distancing of at least three (3) to six (6) feet is preferable.
    • Whenever possible, PE should be conducted outdoors.
    • However, when PE is held indoors, it is important to try to distance students at least six (6) feet from each other and that they try to wear proper face masks correctly during the entire class due to the risk of airborne transmission and due to the fact that when a person exerts his/herself and, as a result, breathes faster and heavier than normal, that person, if infected, will project more virus in their respiratory droplets and those droplets can travel further than six (6) feet.
    • When activities involve the shared use of balls, ropes, or other equipment, hands should be cleaned and disinfected after use and items cleaned and disinfected when possible. 
    • Students should drink from their own water bottles that are clearly marked with their names. They should not share water fountains or drinks with each other.
    • Students should wash their hands thoroughly with soap and water for 20 seconds if their hands are soiled at the completion of PE. Otherwise, students may wash or sanitize their hands for 20 seconds at the completion of PE.

Parent Strategies

  • Arrival and Dismissal:

    • Parents and visitors are discouraged from entering the building, past the front office/meeting room areas.
    • Volunteers are permitted only to support the educational program.
    • All volunteers are expected to wear a mask when inside the school building.


    • Having lunch at the school with their child will not be permitted during the 2021-2022 school year.


    • Parents/guardians will need to maintain physical distancing during arrival and dismissal                 

Staff Strategies

  • Arrival/Dismissal:

    • Staff will assist in the supervision of students during arrival/dismissal
    • Staff will reteach expectations for universal precautions during arrival/dismissal.


    • Staff will observe visual markers and signage that directs traffic flow in walkways/hallways.
    • Staff will avoid congregating and/or stopping in walkways/hallways.


    • All staff will wash hands after using the restroom
    • Expectations and universal precaution signage will be posted at staff restrooms entry/exit


    • Staff will handwash/sanitize before entering cafeteria and re-entering the classroom.
    • Staff will eat lunch in a sanitized, designated areas and will socially distance if eating in a shared location.


    • Staff will remind students to handwash/sanitize before entering the classroom from the playground.

      Specials (PE/Health/Music/Library/Computer Lab/Additional Electives

    • Staff will remind students to wash/sanitize before entering the classroom.
    • Specialist classrooms will utilize non-porous, non -fabric- based materials and equipment.

Other Consideration Strategies

  • Student Strategies: 

    • Students will practice universal precaution expectations during school gatherings/events.

     Parents Strategies:

    • Parents/guardians including visitors are limited during the 2021/22 school year and will only be permitted in the building for scheduled teacher meetings or to support the educational program.
    • Meeting attendees will practice universal precaution procedures in place.
    • Parent meetings should be scheduled
    • IEP/504/Parent Meetings should be held over Teams as much as possible.

      Staff Strategies:  

    • All meetings/gatherings/professional development will observe expectations for physical distancing and universal precautions
    • Staff will continue to attend required meetings (MDT,504, RTI, Staff, PD) with universal precaution procedures in place.
    • Online replacements for live required meetings (MDT, 504, RTI, Staff, PD) will be utilized as much as possible and when available.

    COVID Testing & Reporting:

    • Utilizing existing processes for communicable diseases, positive COVID cases, knowledge of individual who has received a COVID test and is awaiting results, or knowledge of an exposure, will be reported to the Health Services department with consideration of the following:
    • Confidentiality with ADA and HIPAA WILL be maintained
    • Staff member contacts school nurse. School nurse will follow Health Services process for handling of communicable diseases
    • Independent decisions to send out communication will not occur.

     How to help: 

    • Continue to monitor your child’s physical condition.
    • If your child is sick, please keep them home.
    • Like the school environment, it is imperative that the home is kept as clean as possible and proper hygiene protocols are followed.