Degrees and Certifications:

Elementary Education with an emphasis in Mathematics.

Mrs. Linsenmann

Bring on the 2021-2022 School Year!

Hello! My name is Emily Linsenmann, I was born and raised Jackson Hole Wyoming and attended the University of Idaho and recived a BS in Elementary Education with an emphisas in Mathmatics. Go Vandals! After graduation in 2019, I married my husband Andrew and we moved down to Meridian. We live with a little black cat named Licorice, and enjoy spicy foood, animals, & learning! My hobbies include whitewater rafting, reading, and spending time with friends and family. I am a 2nd year teacher at Sawtooth Middle School and I couldn't be more happy to start working with all of my students! GO SABERCATS! 

Class Materials:

You will need a math composition notebook. GRAPH PAPER! Lots of pencils. A dry erase marker would also be good. A calculator is very helpful. My favorite calculator is TI-30xII. If you could donate tissues and hand sanitizer, I will gladly take it.

Homework: Practice, Practice, Practice!

Learning is a journey. You did not wake up on your first birthday walking. You practiced and practiced. You failed. A lot. That is how all learning works. You got your adorable baby self back up and tried again. That is what is happening this year. Your homework is your practice. You will have homework almost every night. If you miss a day of school you can find out what the homework is at my website. Go to the calendar to find it 


Its just feedback on your learning   Grades are just a way for me, the teacher, to tell you the student where you are on your journey. It's like a map. If you get an A on a test then I’m saying “Hooray you have reached your destination” If you get a C on a test then I’m saying “Alright! You are getting there but you having quite reached your location.” If you get a F on a test then I’m saying “There is a problem. You took a wrong turn somewhere. Me and you need to sit down and get you back on track.” After you get your grade, you can practice and then redo the test. Please, please redo your tests. Your grade comes 100% from your tests and quizzes. When you come to me asking “How can I get my grade up?” I’m going to say “Redo your tests”.

Quiz and Test Retake Procedure

  1. Make arrangements to come in on your own time (Advisory, lunch, after school). 
  2. You will receive your test/quiz to make corrections on a separate piece of paper.  You may use your notes and book. 
  3. When all corrections are made, come and teach me the correct way to do the problems you missed. 
  4. You will then be allowed to retake a similar version of the original test or quiz. 


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