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Miss Fernandez

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My Why

I was the student that struggled in school and had to spend the extra hours outside of it with tutors in order to feel caught up. I could have easily hated school because of this but my teachers and tutors were always incredibly supportive and made me feel like I was capable of anything I set my mind to! I wanted my life to be dedicated to just that: helping young minds feel empowered and embrace the learning wherever they are at in it. Learning is a journey and I make sure sure every young learner, entering my room, sees it as a road to enlightenment. A road with endless possibilities and paths that will eventually lead to the one they were meant to be on. As an educator, you want your students to be successful but above all my job is to love and embrace them exactly how they come to me and provide the tools necessary to guide them. They are reminded of how they can be their best selves each day and that they are somebody that matters when they walk in each morning and they leave a better somebody.  I have a phrase in my class that goes: "Think Better, Do Better, and Be Better. To me, learning starts with our thoughts and what we tell ourselves matters because it affects our actions. When we think positively, with a growth mindset, our actions will refelct those thoughts and we will chase the dream with all we got. When our actions show that we become better humans and in turn make the world a better place for being who we are. That is a powerful thought to me and what I am most passionate about in my life. 

My Background

I am originally from Southern California and I believe it was a great place to grow up. The sun has never shown me mutual love but I can still be found basking in it and close to the water whenever possible. I do miss living by the ocean but I am learning to love the mountains around me just as much. The thing I will always miss most though, is my family. More than anything, I owe a large part of who I am to my parents for showing me what love is and supporting my journey. I couldn't have acccomplished my dreams without them and to do that I had to face one of my biggest fears. In January of 2016, I decided I needed a change and if I didn't do it then I didn't think I ever would. I told my parents that I wanted to move away to finish my college education after two and a half years at community. When a coworker told my mom about Montana State University I decided it was exactly what I needed. I was accepted and before ever visiting I knew it was going to be my new home until I graduated. I had no friends or family that lived in the state; let alone had ever even been to it. I knew nothing about cold weather and driving in snow but I did it all. I faced my fears of being away from everything that felt comfortable to me. I learned how to live on my own and found a voice I never thought I would havee. I was always the shy one, never wanting to be noticed and then all of sudden I wasn't. I finally let go of the limits I had put on myself, often getting in the way of reaching my full potential. After graduating, I decided that as beautiful as Montana was the winter was just a little too long for me and came to the conclusion that Idaho was the perfect balance of where I grew up and Montana. I have been here two years now and still loving every minute! When I first got here, I started out as a sub and then was offered an overflow postion as a fifth grade teacher. After the year was up, the search was back on, and I was incredibly fortunate in being offered a second grade postion here last year. This year, I was bumped up to third and have fallen in love with the grade level! I hope to be a third grade teacher for the long haul.

My Interests

In my free time, I enjoy spending time with my friends and getting to see or talk with my family whenever possible. I love walking or riding my bike along the greenbelt, going on hikes, taking my paddleboard out on the lake in the summer is always a favorite! I also enjoy riding my long board and going to concerts. I enjoy all kinds of things and am always up for trying new things and exploring new places whenever the opportunity arises. I also have three pets that keep me fairly busy! I have an Old English Bulldog named Bronx and two cats: Shiloh and Shadow.