Schedule Change Requests

  • The MVHS Counseling Staff would like to welcome you to the 2021-22 school year.


    Class selections were confirmed in May of 2021. If an elective class has been filled due to overloads, students will be placed in their alternate class section.

    The deadline to submit the Schedule Change Request form is Thursday, January 20th at 3 pm.  Please follow your schedule as it is on PowerSchool until your receive a new schedule or a notice the change could not be fulfilled.

     Steps to request a schedule change:

    • Return completed form to MVHS counseling office or email signed form to counselor.
      • Option 1: Parent has signed form and form is sent by either parent or student
      • Option 2 (not able to print form): parent emails counselor with changes requested
    • This is not a teacher change form.
      • Please contact your counselor if you are requesting a teacher change and you have not failed a class with that teacher.


     Class changes will be considered based on availability and if they meet the criteria listed below:

    • Student is taking or has completed the course through online or summer school. Documentation is required.
    • Student is assigned to a teacher with whom they have previously failed.
    • Student is dropping an Honors or AP Course.
    • Student needs a different class required for graduation or for college admission.
    • Student has an incomplete/incorrect schedule (i.e. hole in schedule, missing 1 half of a yearlong class, or placed in the wrong math level)
    • SENIORS ONLY: Student is dropping an elective course for an early release or late start.