21-22 SMS Health and Safety Plan

  • West Ada School District


    Sawtooth Middle School Health & Safety Plan



    School:  Sawtooth Middle School                                                                             Principal: Kevin Leishman

     Masks are required for students and staff unless an Opt Out form has been submitted.


    1. Protect the health and safety of students and staff - physical, emotional, and mental.  
    2. Follow a guaranteed and viable curriculum for all students and schools.  
    3. Maintain adaptability and flexibility with the evolution of COVID 19.  
    4. Emphasize a culture of personal accountability and high integrity.
    5. Encourage predictable patterns of behavior 
    6. Limit Interactions and isolate groups as much as possible.


    Facility Strategies:

    Administrator and Custodian Walk-Through 

    • The administrative team will periodically complete a building walk-through with the head custodian.
      • The intent of the walk-through is to identify any troublesome areas and to remedy the concern in a timely manner.


    Cleaning Processes 

    • Wall mount hand sanitizer stations will be located in every classroom. 
    • SMS will be disinfecting daily, with emphasis on frequently touched surfaces such as doors and door handles, light switches, and hand railings.
    • Twice a week SMS will have a deeper disinfection of desktops, tables, and other surfaces tops, locker fronts and locker rooms.


    Classroom Layout

    • Student desks will be arranged to maximize distance.
    • All cloth furniture and furniture that is difficult to clean will be used on a limited basis or will not be accessible.
    • Students will use the hand sanitizer immediately upon entering and exiting the classroom.
    • Students are required to wear a mask unless a parent/guardian has completed the mask opt-out form and returned it to the building administration. Click here to download the Opt-out form.

    Drinking Fountains

    • Drinking fountains will only be used to refill water bottles.


    Operations Strategies:

    Bell Schedule

    • Each class period will continue to be 45 minutes in length. Passing periods will be three minutes (see attached bell schedule).


    School Arrival

    • All bus riding students will enter the building through doors located on the southeast side of the building (see attached map).
    • Students that are dropped off by private vehicle will only be allowed to exit the vehicle once the vehicle is within the specified drop off location.
    • All students being dropped off will enter through the main doors of the school.
    • Students who walk or ride a bike will enter through the main doors or through the band hallway doors located on the northeast side of the building (see map).
    • Once the students are in the building, they will be required to immediately report to the main gym.
    • Students are to arrive no sooner than 7:55 am (8:10 am on Wednesday).
    • Staff will verbally prompt/remind students to sanitize hands.


    School Departure

    • Students will be released at the end of the day at 3:00 pm.
    • Students will be released immediately at the final bell and will go immediately to their bus, to the specified pick-up location (see attached map) if waiting to be picked up, or immediately leave campus if they walk to and from school.


    Student Movement 

    • Students will sanitize hands upon entering and exiting classrooms.


    Release/Transition Times

    • Transition time between classes will be three minutes.
    • Staff members will be in the hallway during the transitions to support and reinforce sanitizing.
    • Students are expected to immediately report to their next period.


    • Students will be allowed to eat breakfast and then immediately report to their second period class.



    • Students will process through their lunch period based on the predetermined procedure created by the administrative team.
    • All students will eat in the cafeteria.
    • Students will be permitted to go outside ten minutes after the start time of their lunch.
    • Upon reentering the building, students will go immediately to their next class.
    • Staff members will be present to support and reinforce sanitizing.


    • Students will sanitize hands before and after the use of any shared equipment.
    • When possible, PE will be conducted outdoors.


    School Lockers 

    • All students will be assigned a locker.
    • Students will only access lockers before school, during break, during lunch, and after school.


    Device Management:   


    Student Strategies:


    Return to School 

    • The counseling department will create protocols for the students to follow if there is any discomfort about being in the school.


    Ongoing Training 

    • Regular instruction will be provided that explains the expectations for hand hygiene and covering coughs.


    Hand Cleaning   

    • Wall mount hand sanitizer stations will be located in every classroom.
    • Students will be reminded to use the hand sanitizer upon entering classrooms.



    • Students will be reminded to cough into their upper arm and away from others.
    • Students will be encouraged to report having a cough to their parents and school nurse if the cough recently developed.




    Parent Strategies:


    Reporting Student Absences 

    • Parents will report an absence by calling the school’s absence phone number.
    • In the case that a student has contracted COVID, the parent is requested to provide this information to the attendance secretary.


    Student Drop Off & Pick Up

    • Parents are requested to exclusively use the designated drop off & pickup location before and after school.


    Building Access and Visitation

    • Parents will be asked to wait outside when picking up their child.
    • When the need to enter the school exists, the parent will be restricted to the office area.
    • Parents will not be permitted to eat lunch with their student(s).
    • Parents will request an appointment when it is necessary to meet in person with school personnel.
    • A Teams meeting or phone conference is the most desirable manner to hold a parent meeting.
    • While in the building, volunteers and guests must wear a mask.


    How to Help 

    • Continue to monitor your student’s physical condition.
    • If your student is sick, please keep them home.
    • Similar to the school environment, it is imperative that the home is kept as clean as possible and proper hygiene protocols are followed.
    • Consider wearing masks when in public places.


    Staff Strategies:


    Synchronous Learning

    • Synchronous learning will be provided for all students needing to quarantine.


    Hand Cleaning  

    • Staff members will serve as role models for students by frequently washing hands and/or using hand sanitizer to prevent the spread of infectious diseases. 
    • Wall mount hand sanitizer stations will be located in every classroom.



    • Staff will be reminded to cough into their upper arm and away from others.
    • Staff will be encouraged to monitor their physical well being and to stay home if needed.


    Mask Use

    • Staff members are required to wear a mask unless they have completed an opt-out form and returned it to administration.


    Staff Meetings

    • Staff meetings may be held through Teams.



    • Teachers who choose to eat lunch in the same room will maximize distancing.


    Substitutes & Volunteers  

    • Substitutes will have access to the Health and Safety Plan and will be reminded of the expectations.
    • Volunteers will be discouraged unless specific arrangements are made between the teacher and the administration.


    Other Strategies:


    • There will be no dances.


    COVID Testing & Reporting

    • When there is knowledge of an individual who has received a COVID test and is awaiting results, or knowledge of an exposure, the information will be reported to the district’s Health Services department with consideration of the following:
      • Confidentiality with ADA and HIPAA will be maintained.  
      • The staff member with the information will contact the school nurse.  The school nurse will follow the district’s Health Services process for handling of communicable diseases.  
      • Athletics – The staff member with the information will notify the activities director in addition to the school nurse. 
      • Independent decisions to send out communication will not occur.   


    Map  & Bell Schedule Shown Below