Degrees and Certifications:

BS Elementary Education with math and reading endorsement MA in English Learning

Mrs. Michelle Van Slyke

My Why

My dad taught drafting, graphics, and woodworking. I loved going to his classroom as a kid. He was inspiring to me and as I grew older I realized inspiring to so many others through his 30+ years of teaching. I knew that this was the environment I wanted to work in from a young age. I love learning and always want to continue to learn more, so I became a teacher so that my learning would never stop. I want every child that goes through my room to know how much I love learning and hope to inspire them to be life long learners. I want each of them to know how special they are and that they are loved by someone (me) for the rest of thier exsistance. I care about them and their future and want to help them unlock all the potential that they possess.

My Background

I grew up in Star Valley Wyoming. This friendly small town established so much of who I am today. I attended USU for my undergradate majoring in Elementary Education with a Math Endorsement. I started teaching 2nd Cache Valley, Utah and taught there for 8 eight years also teaching 5th and 6th grades.While I taught I also got my reading endorsement and a Masters in English Learning. I then moved to Boise in 2020 where I have been teaching first grader ever since. I met my husband in Logan after college. We just had our first baby girl this last summer and are enjoying being parents.

My interests

As from above, I love to learn. I especially love to learn through reading! I read as much as I have time for. My husband is my best friend and I love to do anything outdoors/in the mountains with him. We especially love to travel, ski, hike, climb, camp, and paddle board together. We are so excited to bring our sweet new baby girl along with us on all of our adventures.