Degrees and Certifications:

Rachel Frahs

My name is Rachel Frahs. I am a wife of 20 years and mother to 8 children (yes 8!) ranging in age from 10 – 18. I have taught in various capacities over the years and still enjoy it very much. I have worked mostly with students with special needs but also gifted students.

I started this school year part way in due to another teacher taking a leave of absence so I have hit the ground running! I apologize for any confusion that has caused as we tried to get everything transferred over to me. That with the challenges of hybrid learning has had me on my toes.

I believe strongly in the power of teachers working together with the parents in order to give the students the best possible education. Every student is so different and you know your students better than anyone. I also know that many students are too scared to ask for help if they need it so please let me know if that is ever the case with your child. You can contact me by emailing me or calling the school just before school starts or between 11:20 – 11:40. 

I look forward to spending the year with your students and thank you for sharing them with me.