Enrollment/Transfer Information

Parent Commitment/Expectations

  • Parents can help their student be successful in the online learning environment in the following ways:

    • Dedicate a school workspace in your home.
    • Assist your student with time management.
    • Set and maintain a regular study schedule with your student.
    • Reinforce that virtual learning is as important as their face-to-face learning.
    • Use the question area in Teams.
    • Ensure that the checklist for the day/week is available for students.
    • Frequently Check grades & progress in course(s).
    • Provide technical assistance as needed or reach out to teacher or district tech (208-350-5300) if needed.

Special Services: IEP/504s/EL Plans

    • Students who are currently on a 504/EL/IEP plan will have their plan transfer to VSH.
    • Student’s accommodations will be in PowerSchool available to student’s teachers.
    • A case manager will be assigned to students on a plan.
    • The case manager will determine the appropriate support classes needed for each student to be successful at VSH.