• 2021-2022 AP Students:

    Your JOIN codes have been created so you can request your AP exam. Your teachers will be sharing the join code in their specific class. You will need a College Board account, so if you have not done so already, please create one. AP Students should join the Cen10 AP Teams for information everything regarding AP! You can get the JOIN code for the Cen10 AP Teams from your AP teacher.

    Need Help Creating a College Board Account? Click HERE

    AP Exam Order Deadline is October 1st,2021. Order the exam(s) NOW and request FAST FORWARD FUNDS in the SPRING. 

    **Once a student uses their join code, it means they have AGREED to order an exam. If the student DOES NOT want to take the AP exam in May, they must fill out the DECLINE AP EXAM form for each exam or talk to your school counselor, by October 1st, 2021. **

     - Any changes after October 1st may result in a fee - 


    AP Students can join the “Cen10 AP Team” in Microsoft Teams for ongoing information regarding CHS AP! Students, check in with your teacher for the join code.