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    STEM strategies help students learn skills they need to succeed in the 21st century, like communication, reading, writing, math, problem-solving, and collaboration. Our focus, however, is to teach these skills through the lens of exploring our physical world through inquiry-based instruction. Teachers deliver the adopted curriculum using strategies that incorporate the following:


    -- hands-on science experiments through

    -- exploring scientific laws, rules, and theories

     -- use of the inquiry method

    -- implementing scientific language

    --  using the scientific method and communicating findings through lab reports

    – daily use and application of technology at school and at home through

    -- learning in classrooms that are equipped with document cameras, projectors and Mimios

    -- access to tablets or mini netbooks for use in students’ classrooms

    -- instruction in operating systems, programming, and communicating through technology

    – implementing the scientific design of engineering through

    -- engagement with technology in an additional weekly tech lab experience

    -- recognizing that engineering is the way we design and implement new tools/technology for practical use

    -- encouraging innovative problem solving to address real world needs

    -- enhancing conceptual understanding of math standards through

    -- developing number sense by using manipulatives and models

    -- applying mathematical thinking to real world situations

    -- use of models and a variety of strategies for problem solving

    The Spalding staff has had extensive training in the developmental approach to math instruction, working with students to understand the processes behind the concepts that they are learning at each grade level. This approach will be applied to the other facets of STEM. Students will be presented with learning opportunities that will support them as they apply creative and scientific thought to explore their world.