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Superintendent of Schools Job Description


    Under the direction of the Board, the Superintendent of Schools serves as the Chief Executive Officer and primary instructional leader, providing inspiration and vision in the establishment and implementation of the district’s mission, goals, and strategic plans, achieving the highest standards of excellence for all students. Duties and responsibilities of the job include providing executive leadership and direction over the formulation and implementation of district educational programs and services; serving as the leader in public messaging for the district; and providing direction and supervision over district administrators over the use of funds, resources and facilities in order to best provide for the educational needs of students and the community.



    Vision and Values

    The Superintendent of Schools implements and oversees effective strategic planning processes to successfully execute the West Ada School District Continuous Improvement Plan, and:

    • develops and articulates a clear direction for the district in collaboration with the Board, ensuring that goals are rigorous yet attainable, in alignment with existing plans and initiatives, and include meaningful progress indicators and regular performance targets to review and revise goals as change is implemented.
    • is committed to continuous improvement by stipulating clear and nonnegotiable priorities, building progress monitoring tools into the routine process of schools, and establishing a culture in which all stakeholders are invested in the process and outcomes of change.
    • maintains high expectations for school performance and for all participants involved — students, personnel, and the community — and fosters a relentlessly positive approach to helping others realize their potential.


    Instructional Leadership

    The Superintendent prioritizes student achievement and effective instructional practices as the foremost goals of the district as the primary instructional leader, and:

    • provides a clear and collaborative approach to continuous improvement by combining the district’s specific needs with relevant research and data-driven practices to identify gaps in learning.
    • serves as a subject matter expert in educational leadership areas and keeps abreast of changes in trends and mandates, while paying close attention to what data and research say about learning and achievement.
    • embraces shared leadership and provides opportunities for staff at all levels to participate in continuous improvement efforts within the district while supporting, developing, and strengthening school-level leaders’ roles.
    • creates professional development opportunities to increase staff skills and effectiveness, a work environment that encourages participation and creativity, and empowers employees to use individual abilities to improve the district’s performance.
    • uses innovative skills to demonstrate plans for developing new educational opportunities within the district; creative problem solving to overcome challenges facing the district; a strong understanding of best educational practices and the ability to effectively use such practices; and regularly uses continuous improvement processes to solve issues facing the district to create new opportunities for success.
    • uses and grows technology to further student learning and achievement.
    • leverages district and school leadership and talent to create an organizational culture that values innovation: and removes real or perceived barriers that impede change or innovative practices.


    Community Engagement

    The Superintendent possesses superior communication skills, both written and verbal, to communicate timely and relevant information to all stakeholders, and:

    • provides supervision, direction and support to the district’s Communication Department.
    • serves as a liaison between the staff and the Board.
    • advocates for the interests of the district and community when working with government agencies.
    • collaborates with various cities, counties, other districts and the legislature concerning issues and initiatives.
    • builds trust and maintains meaningful relationships by being a proactive communicator, providing actionable guidance, demonstrating responsiveness to situations that arise, and willingness to seek others’ opinions to increase student outcomes.
    • establishes strategies to maintain effective working relationships with other governmental and regulatory agencies that serve the district’s geographic area.
    • regularly participates as a leader in various civic groups.
    • works effectively and timely with members of the state legislature on education issues.
    • promotes the involvement of key constituents in the goal setting process, shares and publicizes relevant school data, mobilizes parents and community members, builds local and state-level coalitions, and communicates timely information to personnel.
    • actively involves community and internal stakeholders in an advisory capacity for operational planning.


    Management and Operations

    The Superintendent effectively allocates time, money, personnel, and resources in ways that align with the goal of achievement for all students, using a district-centered approach to manage both the taxpayers’ investment and the consistent demands resulting from federal and state-level centralization of education policy, and:

    • presents a clear, accurate and comprehensive annual budget, manages the district’s day-to-day expenditures in ways that optimize district resources and presents an annual independent financial audit free of significant deficiencies, working effectively to maintain the district’s fund balance and high bond rating.
    • regularly provides the Board with the information needed to make informed decisions, demonstrates an understanding of the media’s role, maintains a positive working relationship with various media outlets, and directs the resources necessary to communicate effectively with the district’s patrons.
    • provides an annual plant facility budget that addresses ongoing facility maintenance needs within the confines of available resources, develops a plan for the acquisition of future school sites, effectively oversees the construction of new school facilities, and provides a plan for the construction of new school facilities based on projections of future needs.
    • demonstrates the use of staff evaluation data for personnel policies, decision making, promotion of career growth and professional development; identifies and implements appropriate procedures, criteria and processes for recruitment, selection, compensation and separation of district personnel.
    • maintains a focus on long-range planning responsibilities such as communicating goals with the Board, creating and updating the Continuous Improvement Plan that provides specific goals and strategies implemented over years, and directing the completion of short-term (annual) activities that support the long-term goals of the district.
    • performs other comparable duties of a like or similar nature as assigned by the Board.



    • Establish and maintain cooperative relationships with others.
    • Abide by the Code of Ethics for Idaho Professional Educators as established by the Idaho State Board of Education, the Board Policies and procedures of the District and the terms and provisions of the Standard Administrator Contract or Retired Standard Administrator Contract.
    • Adhere to confidentiality regarding student information.
    • Participate in in-service activities and other professional growth opportunities.
    • Establish and maintain good working habits including punctuality.
    • Implement the Mission, Values, Beliefs and Goals of the District’s Continuous Improvement Plan.



    • Management of a large district and profound understanding of the challenges that accompany school district growth.
    • Building consensus and commitment among individuals and groups, including students, staff and community members.
    • Defining, reasoning and problem-solving skills.
    • Oral and written communications.
    • Curriculum and instruction planning and implementation.
    • School and school district administration.
    • Supervise, motivate, delegate authority, mentor and monitor administrators and directors in the conduct of their organizational responsibilities.
    • Developing and presenting complex and diverse issues, proposals and concepts in an understandable manner.
    • Planning, directing and implementing educational and instructional programs.
    • Conducting public relations activities both inside and outside of the district.
    • Developing, planning, monitoring and budgeting for academic and administrative programs/needs.



    • Ten years' administrative experience in addition to teaching.
    • Currently hold or qualify for an Idaho Education Administrator’s Certificate endorsed for Superintendent.
    • Hold master’s degree, earned doctorate preferred.
    • Experience in K-12 education at the building level and central office, fiscal management and school finance, school bond levies and facility construction preferred.
    • Knowledge of education issues and continuous improvement strategies.
    • Experience and skill in speaking directly to the public or media to address questions and represent the district.
    • Such alternatives to the above qualifications as the Board may find appropriate and acceptable.



    • Sufficient clarity of speech and hearing or other communication capabilities, with or without reasonable accommodation, which permits the employee to discern verbal conversation and to communicate effectively on the telephone and in person.
    • Sufficient visual acuity, with or without reasonable accommodation, which permits the employee to comprehend written work and assessments, prepare and review documents, and organize documents and materials.
    • Sufficient manual dexterity, with or without reasonable accommodation, which permits the employee to perform repetitive hand/wrist/arm motions and to operate a computer and office equipment, and to occasionally physically restrain a student to keep him/her from harming self or others.
    • Sufficient personal mobility, flexibility, and balance, with or without reasonable accommodation, which permits the employee to work in an office environment, lifting or moving objects that weigh up to 25 pounds.
    • Job tasks require, with or without reasonable accommodation, climbing, stooping, kneeling, crouching, reaching, pushing, pulling, lifting, and grasping.



    The Board will evaluate this job’s performance annually per board policy number 300, “Superintendent of Schools”.



    The District will provide the following terms of employment to assist the Superintendent in fulfilling his/her professional responsibilities:

    • Two hundred thirty (230) contract days per school year.
    • A contract in the format required by law not to exceed a term of three (3) years.
    • Salary as negotiated between the Board of Trustees and the Superintendent.
    • Three (3) weeks' paid vacation per school year, which will not carry over to any subsequent school year, and which will not be paid unless actually used.
    • District owned technology for the effective performance of Superintendent duties.
    • Professional dues paid by the District for membership in the Idaho Association of School Administrators (IASA) and the Idaho School Superintendents Association (ISSA).
    • District paid pass for attendance of Idaho High School Activities Association (IHSAA) activities.
    • District-provided cell phone or reimbursement for the use of a personal phone for district business.
    • The Superintendent is required to attend one national conference annually related to job responsibilities at District expense.


    The following benefits will be provided to the Superintendent to the same extent as benefits are provided to certificated administrators:

    • Health care benefits.
    • Life insurance coverage.
    • Sick leave accumulation.
    • Five (5) paid personal days.
    • Use of district-owned vehicles for district business.
    • Reimbursement of mileage for job related travel.


    Veteran’s preference will be provided as required by law in the hiring process.

    Approved 8-17-10, 1-26-16, 2-12-19, 2-18-21

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