Why I Work in Education

  • "Education is the most powerful weapon we can use to change the world." - Nelson MandelaReal stories, real inspiration, from real West Ada School District employees.

    School district employees - we want to hear from you! Tell us what motivates you to do this important work. What gets you out of bed in the morning? What keeps you inspired? What makes you love being a teacher or member of support staff?

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I work in education because...

  • Safe and Welcoming

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    I teach because I believe all students deserve a safe, welcoming space. I don't always know what is happening in students' lives, but I want to be the adult that my students will come to with every question, triumph, and challenge.

    As an ELD teacher, I have the priviledge of working with some of the most resilient students in our schools. I've seen students from war-torn countries, who have witnesses atrocities beyond my imagination, get excited about learning how to write a paragraph. I've seen students who are bullied for their skin color or accent or clothes proudly give speeches to their supportive classmates. I've had students who go to jobs after school to support their family come in at lunchtime to ask for homework help. I've had students with diverse cultural and religious backgrounds feel confident enough to ask me for, and educate me on, their own needs within the school system. 

    My students, and many more, don't have to love school; the odds are stacked against them. But when they feel safe and feel welcomed, school might just be the place they want to be. I teach because I want to be an advocate for all students. 

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  • I Teach Because I Love It!

    Posted by: Christina Bishop

    I teach, because I love it. Everyday is different, challenging, and rewarding.  There's never a dull moment.  I work with middle school kids, and they are curious, engaged, quirky, challenging, but most of all AMAZING!!!  Teaching makes me feel like I'm making a difference, in our community.  The challenges make me a better teacher, the students keep me coming back.  After 23 years, everyday if a new experience.  When a student finally gets the conecpt I'm teaching, it's a magical moment.  I can't imagine doing anything else.

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  • Why I am a Teacher

    Posted by: Raini Ann Peterson

    I got into teaching later in life (40 years old) because it was always a dream of mine. I continue to teach because the kids make me laugh everyday and keep me feeling young. Everyday is different so things never get dull. The students are so sweet and surprise me when I least expect it. Teaching is the greatest career anyone could have. It's an honor to help educate the children of West Ada's wonderful parents. 

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  • Why I Teach... Middle School!

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    I teach because my students need to know they have someone who cares about them! I teach because my students deserve to have the best education. I teach because I love watching my student's minds get blown by something or understanding something. I teach because my students matter.

    Heather McDonald
    6th World Civilizations and Electives
    Crossroads Middle School

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  • Communicating About Public Education

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    As a member of the school district's communication team, I serve staff, students and families through several communication platforms. My favorite part of working in education is sharing the stories of students and staff. I know the photos, videos, texts, emails and more help amplify the good going on in our schools which builds positive rapport with our community.

    Lauren Lindley
    Communication Specialist
    District Service Center

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  • Why I teach...Speech and Debate!

    Posted by:

    I love providing kids opportunities to be a part of the dialogue of our world.  To research all sides of issues, to ask all the questions, to provide evidence to back up their claims, and offer them a platform for using their voice.  I teach how we can have discourse, even when we disagree - that we each have the ability to become critical thinkers and persuaders... Words matter!

    Sara Bell
    Mountain View High School

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  • I Teach Because...

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    I teach because I love interacting with students. It's so fun to see them smile and grow as learners.  I love hearing their opinions (and middle schoolers have a lot of them!) and hearing them explain their thinking. 

    I teach with the goal of helping my students be critical thinkers, to be kind humans, and to discover and enjoy happiness in life. I teach so that my students can have a better world and so that THEY can make the world better for all of us.

    Kendra Wisenbaker
    6th Grade ELA
    Sawtooth Middle School

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  • Why I Teach

    Posted by:

    I teach because I want as many students as possible to have healthy, safe, inviting, and inspiring environments to learn.  I teach science because I believe more students should have more hands on learning opportunities to become "scientists." I teach because I am passionate about helping kids discover their strengths. I teach because I want to encourage students to become life long learners in subjects THEY are passionate about.

    I teach because I want every single student to know a teacher that inspired them, that pushed them, that told them they were loved and capable. I teach because every student deserves a teacher who cares about them, their learning, and their future. 

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