OHS Dress Code Expectations


    The purpose of dress regulations is to help each student set a standard for his/her personal appearance that is appropriate within the accepted standards of West Ada School District Middle Schools. Students are expected to demonstrate pride in their personal appearance for it reflects individually on them and collectively on the school attended.

    The Board recognizes that a student’s mode of dress and grooming is a manifestation of his/her personal style and individual preference. The Board will not interfere with the right of students and parents to make decisions regarding appearance, except when choices affect the educational program of the schools. Any apparel that draws undue attention to a student tends to detract from the educational process and is therefore inappropriate. It is a mark of maturity when students can freely choose apparel that demonstrates individuality without deviating from the standard of appropriateness. A degree of modesty is expected.

    The Board authorizes school regulations that prohibit student dress or grooming practices which:

    • Present a hazard to the health or safety of the student himself/herself or to others in the school
    • Materially interfere with school work, create disorder, or disrupt the educational program
    • Cause excessive wear or damage to school property
    • Prevent the student from achieving his/her own educational objectives because of blocked vision or restricted movement
    • Any attire that has been identified as gang-related or may contribute to the intimidation of others.
    • Any article of clothing, jewelry, or make-up which draws undue attention, is unsafe, or is disruptive to the educational process will be considered inappropriate. Examples include but are not limited to:
      • Any article of clothing, jewelry, or tattoos advertising or depicting alcohol, tobacco, drugs, gang affiliation, or inappropriate sexual innuendoes
      • Clothing that is sheer or does not cover the stomach, back, chest/cleavage, or undergarments.
      • Tank tops, spaghetti straps, tube tops, off-the-shoulder shirts – shoulders must be covered
    • Chains connecting the wallet to a belt loop or worn anywhere on the person
    • Spiked clothing, belts or jewelry
    • Any attire shorter than mid-thigh length - any attire with holes/tears/frays above mid-thigh
    • Pajamas or boxer shorts worn as outerwear
    • Hats, hoods, bandanas, or other head coverings

    In addition:

    • Footwear must be worn at all times
    • Participation in certain classes may require specific clothing and footwear for safety purposes
    • Athletic/Activity uniforms worn during the school day must adhere to the dress code policy

    Exceptions to the dress code may be made for special days or special events. These days and events are announced in advance. Violations of the dress code will lead to disciplinary action