Degrees and Certifications:

Mason Kreamer

Hello students and parents,

Welcome you to the science department at the brand-new Owyhee High School.

A little about myself, I’m a third-generation educator in the Treasure Valley that was born and raised in Boise. I received my master’s degree from Northwest Nazarene University and my bachelor’s at Boise State University. The journey of education has led me to teach various subjects such as science and math at different public, private, and charter schools around the area. My sense of adventure has taken me across the U.S., as well as Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, Italy, Indonesia, and many more places to come. It is truly exciting to be a part of the inaugural year of this amazing school.

In my classes,we will learn to apply lifelong skills such as problem solving, analysis, critical thinking, and much more. While at the same time improving reading and writing skills that will be used beyond the classroom. Collectively, we will gain these attributes with the expectations of maintaining honesty, integrity, and respect towards each other and the equipment that we use in class. This will provide opportunities for everyone to learn and grow. Every day will be an adventure. From our classroom, we will explore the natural wonders of the world, travel through time and space historically, make observational effects from the large (macro) to the small (micro) scale, predict the future based on trends, and so much more. Come to class each day with your curiosity and wonder as we explore the life and world of existence.


Mason Kreamer

Science Teacher

Owyhee High School

208-350-4620 ext. 1123

“Education is not preparation for life; education is life itself.” -John Dewey