• ATTENDANCE LINE: 208-350-4385

    This number is for RHS and CTE - Renaissance campus students

    ATTENDANCE POLICY (See Policy 500.1 Secondary Attendance Policy) Pg. 6



    Parents or Guardians must call the Attendance Line any time their student is not in class.  If your student has been marked absent and you feel it is incorrect, please email the teacher.

    If the school does not hear from a parent or guardian within 48 hours, absences (A) will change to a truancies (TR).  Attendance can be viewed on PowerSchool.



    If your student will be leaving campus during the school day, a parent or guardian must call & request a Permit to Leave.  Please leave a message on the Attendance Line with the student’s name, time of release, and reason for release.  Permits to Leave are delivered to the classroom at the beginning of each class period.  We appreciate a 30 minute notice to write the pass and deliver it to your student.  Due to time constraints we cannot process any new Permits to Leave, received after 1:45 pm.



    A student will be marked tardy if they are up to 10 minutes late to class.  After 10 minutes the student is considered tardy late.  The discipline for a tardy is 30 minutes of detention and tardy late will be 60 minutes of detention. Tardy Detention will be held after school from 2:30-3:30 on specific dates. These dates will be posted in the daily announcements and can also be found on the RHS website.  Loss of credit can occur if detentions are not served. Please note that tardies will be excused by a doctor’s note or official appointment notice only. No Tardies will be excused without a note (Doctor, Dentist, Orthodontist, Counseling, Court Appt., etc.)


    Attendance Secretary: Julie Beulter

    Phone: 208-350-4385

    Fax: 208-350-4399