• Members of PTSO: Jamie Arial, Christine Schuldheisz 


    HMS PTSO is looking for volunteers to help support students, staff and the school. Descriptions are listed below of what responsibilties each position would have. If you are interested in volunteering and helping out, please email:

    email heritagemiddle_ptso@yahoo.com.

    PTSO Board Member Roles:

    President - oversees it all. Should not only be comfortable with creating the agenda for regularly scheduled meetings, but also running the meetings, soliciting volunteers for various committees, and spearheading all fundraising with gusto.

    President-elect - the president-elect shall assist the president and carry out the president’s duties in his or her absence or inability to serve. The goal of this position is to serve as president after term is up or president no longer wants position.

    Treasurer - responsible for managing PTSO finances. Manages the checkbook and debit card. Keeps accurate and up-to-date financial records of all income/expenses. Must have board approval for purchases. All purchases require two signatures. Responsible for paying annual taxes.

    Secretary - responsible for taking notes during meetings and sending them out to the entire membership afterward, coordinating and creating regularly scheduled newsletters, and maintaining any and all files and forms for the group.

    Committee Heads - responsible for chosen committee (voluntarily). During the course of the year various events will come up that need someone to spearhead them to run efficiently. This is where the other members of the organization who haven’t been elected to the board will get their chance to leave to be involved. The committee heads should be prepared to solicit volunteers for their event, work with the treasurer and secretary to gather funds and put together a communications calendar, coordinate a schedule of events with the president and/or vice-president, and be present on the day of their event to ensure that everything is running smoothly.