Degrees and Certifications:

Bachelor of Science in Athletic Training Fort Hays State University Master of Arts in Higher Education Administration Southeast Missouri State University Certified Math Teacher- American Board of Certification for Teacher Excellence Certified Athletic Trainer- Board of Certification for Athletic Training Certified Strength Coach- National Council on Strength and Fitness

Jeff Zerfas


Hi there, I am Jeff Zerfas and I teach Junior and Senior level Math. This will be my first year as a teacher as well as my first year at Central Academy. I was a paraprofessional at Centennial High School for a year prior to coming to Central Academy. When you walk in my classroom you will notice an area that is focused on learning and improvement.


I know most students do not believe that I have a life outside of the school but I do. I have a wife and a 3 year old daughter and a newborn daughter who was born at the beginning of August. We also have a dog who thinks he is a lot tougher than he really is.


In my spare time I like to workout, play golf, play video games and spend time with family. I love to do these things because they help me to reset and relax. Recently I finished a book titled Making of a Coach about Bill Belicheck and how he got to where he is. Great read about the influence a person's family and upbringing has on them.

Favorite Quote:

"Discipline Equals Freedom" Jocko Wilink