• West Ada School District


    Building Health & Safety Plan 2021-22

    *Mask exemption may change during the school year. See district site for most current information. 

    *While inside the building, volunteers and guests are limited and must wear a mask. 

    School:  Chaparral Elementary School 



    1. Protect the health and safety of students and staff - physical, emotional, and mental.
    2. Guaranteed and viable curriculum for all students and schools.
    3. Adaptability and flexibility with evolution of COVID 19.
    4. Emphasize a culture of personal accountability and high integrity.
    5. Encourage predictable patterns of behavior.
    6. Encouraging social distancing as much as possible, and masks are recommended/optional.


    Facility Strategies:


    Drinking Fountains:

    • Drinking fountains will be closed with the exception of the “bottle fill-up" feature.


    Administrator and custodian walk-through:  

    • The principal will complete a building walk-through with the head custodian no less than once a week.
    • The intent of the walk-through is to identify any troublesome areas and to remedy the concern in a timely manner.


    Cleaning processes:  

    • Frequent hand washing and/or hand sanitizing is of upmost importance in preventing the spread of COVID. Therefore, WASD has ensured that we have enough inventory of soap and hand sanitizer.  
    • Wall mount hand sanitizer stations have been placed in every classroom and throughout high traffic areas in hallways and entrances.
    • WASD will disinfect daily, frequently touched surfaces such as doors and door handles, light switches, and hand railings.
    • 2 times a week schools will have a deeper disinfection of desktops, tables, and other surfaces tops.
    • Cafeteria tables and benches will be disinfected after each use.
    • Air exchanges will occur at a minimum of 4 times/hour.


    Classroom layout:  

    • Masks are required in the classroom unless a medical exemption or a parent Opt Out form is noted in PowerSchool
    • Student desks should be distanced to the best of our ability.
    • Modifying facilities to allow for physical distancing (e.g. including use of cohorts/podding)
    • All nonessential items will be removed. Examples of nonessential items are those that have no instructional, learning, or job-related purpose.  
    • Remind students NOT TO SHARE laptops or computer keyboards, drinks, food, snacks, writing utensils, tissues, face masks, chap stick, eating utensils, or personal items.
    • Consider holding class outside when weather permits and the material to be taught allows for this.
    • Teachers should attempt to limit their proximity and duration of close contact with students within the classroom.
    • Teachers should consider every type of classroom activity and how to conduct those activities with the mitigating measures in place.


    Library use, access and furniture:  

    • All physical distancing and guidelines are in effect during any use of the library.
    • Access to the library will be on a limited basis.


    Computer lab use and cleaning:  

    • Computer labs will solely be used for academic classes.
    • Students will use hand sanitizer immediately upon entering the classroom and the teacher will sanitize their workstation between each class.



    • Physical distancing signage or markings that serve as reminders have been placed on the floors in the following areas:
    • Main office lobby (include portable plexiglass barrier)
    • Select offices/classrooms of at-risk employees.
    • Directional expectations in the hallway will be clearly communicated. Students will walk down the righthand side of the hallway.


    Operations Strategies:


    Bell Schedule:

    • Elementary school bell schedule will remain the same for the 2021-22 school year.


    School Arrival:  

    • All students will enter the building using the outside classroom doors, unless eating breakfast or accompanied by a staff member.
    • Students may not arrive on campus before 8:45 am on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday, and not before 9:00 am on Wednesdays. Students should go to their designated playground area upon arrival.
    • Students will sanitize hands upon entering the building.


    School Departure:  

    • The students will be released at the end of the day through outside doors of the classrooms.


    Transition times:  

    • Transitions to and from specials, students will walk on the right side of the hallway single file.



    • All physical distancing and sanitizing protocols will be encouraged.



    • If students can eat outdoors, this will be the safest, because the risk of airborne transmission will be significantly less.
    • Physical distancing to the best of capabilities is especially important during meals, because students will have to take their masks off to eat.
    • All students will be reminded to use the available hand sanitizer prior/after eating their lunch.



    • The administration will work closely with the Music and Physical Education teachers to create as much physical distancing space as possible while the students are all in one location. Each of these teachers will follow each class’s grouping procedures.
    • Students will use hand sanitizer immediately upon entering the classroom.
    • Teachers will have the opportunity to arrange for classes to be held outside, weather permitting.


    Parent Strategies:


    Reporting student absences:  

    • Parents will report an absence by calling the schools absence phone number.
    • In the case that a student has contracted the virus, the parent is requested to provide this information to the school nurse.


    Student drop off & pick up:  

    • Parents are requested to exclusively use the designated drop off & pickup located closest to the Fuller Park fence.
    • Parents are asked to remain on sidewalks, outside of school fences.


    Building access and visitation:  

    • Parents will be asked to wait at the office when picking up their child.
    • Parents will request an appointment when it is necessary to meet in person with school personnel.
    • Masks are encouraged when entering the building.
    • Visitors will not be permitted during the school day.
    • A Teams meeting or phone conference is the most desirable manner to hold meetings with a staff member.


    How to help:  

    • Continue to monitor your child’s physical condition.
    • If your child is sick, please keep them home.
    • If a student shows mild symptoms and needs to be picked up, they will be social distanced from others as much as possible near the health office until a guardian is able to pick them up.
    • Wearing masks continues to be encouraged.


    Staff Strategies:


    Return to work:   

    • At the beginning of the school year, all members will be provided this plan to review and will discuss methods to maintain communication with the students, parents, and staff.



    • Employees can access the Employee Assistance Plan (EAP) in times of emotional need:



    Physical distancing:  

    • All staff members are expected to follow the physical distancing guidelines to the best of their ability.  
    • Meeting participants are encouraged to maintain physical distancing.
    • Larger group meetings should also follow the similar guidelines listed above, including conducting meetings virtually when possible and considerations for maximum number of participants. When in-person meetings are required, all participants are encouraged to be physically distanced by at least six (6) feet and are encouraged to wear proper face masks correctly.


    Hand cleaning:  

    • Frequent hand washing and/or hand sanitizing is of upmost importance in the prevention of the spread of COVID.
    • Wall mount hand sanitizer stations have been placed in every classroom and high traffic areas throughout the campus.



    • Staff will be reminded to always cough into their upper arm and away from others.  
    • Staff is encouraged to monitor their physical symptoms and to stay home if needed.


    Mask use: 

    • Teachers will support the students in the proper use of the mask if they choose to wear them.


    Common places expectations:  


    Staff meetings:  

    • All staff meetings will follow social distancing recommendations.


    Copy room/Staff Lounge: 

    • Proper physical distancing is a must while in the copy room and staff lounge.


    Field Trips:

    • Field trip permission must always be granted via administration and by following proper procedures. Most field trips will be discouraged during the 2021-2022 school year.


    Other Consideration Strategies:


    Counseling/Special Services:   

    • Virtual meetings and phone calls will be utilized as much as possible.
    • In-person meetings are available by request.



    • All physical school assemblies will be canceled during the 2021-2022 school year. Schools will provide other options during the school year.


    Student-Parent-Teacher Conferences:  

    • Student-Parent-Teacher conferences will be held by appointment only and through phone or Teams by request.
    • Procedures will be provided by individual teachers.


    COVID Testing & Reporting:

    • Utilizing existing processes for communicable diseases, positive COVID cases, knowledge of individual who has received a COVID test and is awaiting results, or knowledge of an exposure, will be reported to the Health Services department with consideration of the following:
    • Confidentiality with ADA and HIPAA WILL be maintained.
    • Staff member contacts the school nurse. The school nurse will follow the Health Services process for handling communicable diseases.  
    • Independent decisions to send out communication will not occur.