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Ms. Christine Baron

Greetings Cowboys!

My name is Christine Baron (Ms. Baron).  I am the new PBI Teacher at Star Middle School. I just moved here from Vermont! I drove for three full days just to meet all of you! It also happens that I have a daughter who lives in Boise, so I get to see her too!

Before coming here, I spent 17 years teaching in one of the best high schools in Vermont. My jobs there included running a homework support program, teaching/advising in a self-directed interest/internship driven education program called Big Picture, and then running the Career Development Center for a couple of years. I have learned a lot about what motivates students, how to help them set short- and long-term goals, how to connect what they are learning to real world opportunities, and how to value student choice and voice whenever possible. My old school district was one of the first in the country to embrace mindfulness techniques over ten years ago (breathing, movement, etc) as tools to help both students and adults to manage the stress of day to day living. I took two courses in the program and became a member of the district level committee. I am excited to bring all these experiences to Star Middle School!

I will be an advocate (case manager) for a handful of students, and I will be teaching math lab, English Language Arts lab, and Social Skills. See those sub pages for more details.

I am here to support you! Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns. I believe the best way to teach students how to handle all kinds of feedback is to model the skill for them!

One last note.  It is my goal to add tools, tips and resources for students, teachers and parents about stress management and mindfulness to this web site. If you have anything you think is worth sharing I would love to see it!

Here’s to a great 2021-22 school year!


Ms. Baron