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Degrees and Certifications:

Bachelor of Arts, Communication

Anne Hunter

My Why

My Why is the Joy of Life & Learning!  A student recently said, “Miss Anne, you are so JOYFUL!”  It’s wonderful to create a happy environment at work, school, and for everyday life.  I do not consider my job as the SSA (School Safety Assistant) as a disciplinarian, but rather giving positive attention and sometimes redirection to students working through their differences, problems, and challenges with other students, teachers, or staff. 

The art of forgiveness - being able to say, “I’m sorry” and to learn to take responsibility for one’s actions is critical in life.  Our youngest elementary students are beginning to understand these concepts.  I help guide them on ways to put them to use.  We keep learning all our lives and on somedays, students become my teacher.

My Background

I was born in San Francisco, (one of six siblings).  We moved to Idaho when I was halfway through kindergarten.  I have an adventuresome spirit and knew there was a lot more to see and learn in life (outside of a college textbook) so in-between finishing my college degree at Boise State University I was hired to work onboard The Royal Viking “Sky”. 

I travelled all over the world aboard this Norwegian Cruise ship with an international crew.

After traveling the world, I finished my Communication’s Degree at BSU then worked in personnel for HP, and in L.A., I became a TV producer -- eventually returning to Boise and created “Preview of Homes” – a show that still exists today.

In 1995 I moved with my young family (6-month-old and 2-years-old sons) to a remote island in the Caribbean where we had our own TV Station.  One school year I homeschooled when the island’s school closed.  The following year my sons traveled on a ferry boat to attend school on a neighboring island.

My Interests

I have a passion for creating personal, family, and friendship video keepsakes that celebrate life’s most precious moments.  Putting special occasions to meaningful music that tugs at one’s heart & soul brings joy to me, and others and these gifts can be passed down to future generations!

I also enjoy walking, reading, puzzles, chatting with friends and family, photography and making special photo books for friends and family.