Simple Explanation of Supplemental Levy Affect on Homeowners

  • Explanation of Tax Levy Rate
    How Homeowners are Affected

    The proposed levy replaces an existing levy that will expire on June 30, 2022, Every two years the school district must bring the supplemental levy to voters for approval. 

     The supplemental levy rate was $52.60 per $100k of taxable assessed value in 2020. The estimated average annual cost to the taxpayer on the proposed levy is a tax of $46.92 per $100,000 of taxable assessed value, per year, based on current conditions.  

    What will this cost me?  If your home is worth $400,000 - Your taxable assessed value is $275,000 - You pay $129.03 annually.

Overall Levy Rate Down Due to Responsible Fiscal Management

  • The overall levy rate for West Ada School District is decreasing in fiscal year 2021 due to the early repayment of and refinancing of school bonds. 

     The district has maintained the 14 million dollar levy over the course of the past ten years. Even though costs continue to increase we have maintained at 14 million. 


    What does this mean for a property assessed at $400,000 by the county?

    Plugin your home's value in place of the $400,000 and do the following math:

    $400,000 minus the homeowner's exemption (half of your property's value up to a maximum of $125,00) equals $275,000.

    Dividing $275,000 by $100,000 equals $2.75.

    $2.75 multiplied by $46.92 equals $129.03 annually.

    Levy Rate Per $100,000- Supplemental Levy $46.92, Plant Levy $53.62, Bond $135.49, Tort $1.45, Other $0.32, Total $237.79

Supplemental Levy Rate Continues Decreasing

  • Voters first approved a $14 million supplemental levy for 2013. At that time, the levy rate for the supplemental levy was $131.00 per $100,000 of taxable property value. At the end of fiscal year 2021, the supplemental levy rate was $46.92 per $100,000 of taxable property.

    As the total value of property in West Ada School District continues to grow, the cost per $100,000 has decreased. The increase in property value is from increased assessed valuation of existing properties as well as new construction. The levy rate is calculated by dividing the amount that voters authorized the West Ada School District to collect by the total value of the property in the school district.

    Following are the supplemental levy rates and the market value by year for the West Ada School District:

    Year, Levy Rate and Total Market Value:  

    2020-21         .000469              $29,272,136,258

    2019-20         .000520              $26,232,819,854

    2018-19         .000643              $21,501,631,945

    2017-18         .000744              $18,616,330,525

    2016-17         .000825              $16,966,638,966

    2015-16         .000916              $15,288,786,104


    Source: Idaho State Department of Education
    - Public School Finance - Tax Levy Data for Fiscal Year 2020

    Source: Ada County Assessor - Levy Rates by Tax District