Tardy Policy

  • OHS Tardy Policy

    Students are allowed a total of 3 tardies (T/TL combined) in each class per semester.   

    • tardy (T) is defined as being up to 10 minutes late.  
    • Tardy Late (TL) is more than 10 minutes late to class.  


    A parent call does not excuse a tardy or tardy late.  OHS waives a student's tardy when buses arrive late or when other extenuating circumstances arise per administrative approval.  


    30 minutes of Saturday detention = 1 tardy served 

    Failure to attend Saturday detention when assigned will result in additional consequences.   A student must arrive to Saturday detention prior to 8am in the cafeteria.  A student will not be allowed to enter tardy detention after 8am.  


    If a student does not make up their tardies (T/TL combined) BEFORE the end of the semester they may lose credit for any unserved tardy above 3 per class. This is indicated by an “NC” on their transcript and can have an effect on their graduation progress.  


    If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact your student's grade level Assistant Principal: 


    9th – Scott Connors: connors.scott@westada.org 

    10th – Heath McInerney: mcinerney.heath@westada.org 

    11th – Melissa Hampton: hampton.melissa@westada.org 

    12th – Melissa Hampton: hampton.melissa@westada.org