Progress Reports

  • All West Ada students will be receiving a hard copy progress report. 

    The purpose of this report is to inform students, parents/guardians of their child's progress toward learning standards as measured by common assessments in Mathematics and English Language Arts. 
    School and District teams use these common assessments to monitor achievement, plan effective instruction, and provide additional supports/enrichment opportunities for students. 
    Although progress reports differ at elementary, middle, and high school, the purpose remains the same; to inform and create conversations around learning. 

    Teaching & Learning:

    Developing & Monitoring:

Additional Resources:

  • Resources by grade:  Elementary  -   Middle School  -  High School

    Resources for all levels:

    • State and benchmark assessments report Math Quantile with student results. 
      These allow us to compare student progress over various assessments and we can utilize these scores to identify supporting instruction for students at their level. 
      To learn more about quantiles, check out this link: 
      What is a Quantile Measure? - Quantile (

    • English assessments report scores with a Reading Lexile. 
      Lexile scores can be compared across assessments, and they are also used to identify appropriate level reading materials for students. 
      Follow this link for more information about Lexiles: 
      Understanding Your Child's Lexile® Measure - Lexile


Your Input:

  • Your input is valued!
    Please share your thoughts on how we can improve student progress reporting as one tool on our journey of assessment for learning.

    Please contact Marcus Myers, Chief Academic Officer, at 208-350-5042 or