• Willow Creek Code of Conduct 

    "I will follow the Willow Creek Way.

    I am here to learn and support the learning of others.

    I cooperate with all school personnel.

    I respect myself, others, and the environment, 

    because I know this day will not come again."


    Willow Creek Way



    • Give full attention when asked
    • Use designated voice level
    • Be kind to others
    • Honor personal space
    • Speak politily 




    Level 0-3

    • Walk bikes, scooters, etc. on school grounds 
    • Walk directly to playground   
    • During poor weather, look for red flag
    • If tardy, check in at the office 




    Level 0-3

    • Walk in hallways
    • Leave promptly
    • Pick up: wait patiently at designated spot 




    Level 0-5

    • Follow playground rules for safety
    • Stay on grade level side of school grounds
    • Clean up equipment after use
    • Exit and enter building safely 



    Line Up

    Level 0

    • Walk with purpose to designated spot 
    • HALL (Hands at your side, All eyes forward, Level 0 voice, Low speed)
    • *Grades 3-5* when signaled to end recess enter building safely and walk straight to class




    Level 0-1


    •        Hands at your side
      • All eyes forward
      • Level 0-1 voice
      • Low speed
    • Be on the correct side of the hallway 
    • Use intersection as a stopping point 
    • Functional talk when needed 
    • Move with a purpose




    Level 0-2 

    • F – Floors stay dry
    • L – Leave it clean
    • U – Use it quickly
    • S – Soft voices
    • H – Hands washed




    Level 0-1

    • Walk in line to grade level dots
    • Watch for quiet signal
    • Voices are used only when audience is asked to participate 




    Level 0-2


    • Low voice
    • Use manners
    •    stay iN seats
    •         piCk up trash
    •   raise Hands




    Level 0-1

    • Follow the 7 B’s 
    • Must have a pass
    • Come to the nurse by yourself when possible




    Level 0-1

    • Leave a message if you make a phone call
    • Must have a pass
    • Come to the office by yourself




    Voice Levels 

    Level 0 - No sound at all

    Level 1 - Speak very softly

    Level 2 - Only partner can hear

    Level 3 - Conversation level

    Level 4 - Strong and clear for all to hear

    Level 5 - Shout, yell, holler, cheer


    Explorer Tickets

    Explorer tickets are handed out by staff members to students who are demonstrating the Willow Creek Way.  Tickets are turned into the office and names are drawn for a prize and announced on the weekly announcements.  

    Golden Ticket - Every week a random day is selected to be a Golden Ticket Day.  Students automatically get a prize for receiving a Golden Ticket.