Attendance Notification

  • Example of the Attendance LetterFebruary 10, 2022

    Dear Parents and Guardians:

    Starting Monday, February 14, 2022, Rocky Mountain High School will be implementing an attendance notification system that will notify parents and guardians when a student is in jeopardy of losing credit in a class due to 3+ absences. 

    Any absence coded as A (Absent), PRC (Parent Call-In), TR (Truancy), and VER (Verified) will be included in this notification.  Other Absence codes will not be counted in this total:  Ill, WAI, EXT, Etc. 

    These letters will be generated for each class where a student has reached their 3-day absence limit.  The letter will also explain the district attendance policy, with a print-out of the student’s absence count by period. (Click here to see an example letter)

    Please note, our goal is to not take credit away from students; however, we understand the importance of students being present in class as often as possible and want to reestablish this habit with students.  We also want to work with families in need of help with their child’s attendance and academic progress.

    We are hoping this new notification system will better keep parents informed of their student’s attendance. For those students who do have three or more absences coded with either A, PRC, TR, and /or VER, your student’s administrator will be working with them to hopefully avoid being in jeopardy of losing credit.

    To monitor your students’ attendance, please check PowerSchool often. The absence total will be by class period. 

    Please reach out to your student’s assistant principal if you have questions or need help. 

    You can also contact our attendance secretary with questions:  Molly Mills (208)350-4341.

    Mike Hirano