• HRS (High Reliability Schools) Framework
    HRS is a model for school excellence, based on a 5-level hierarchy with established leading indicators to determine reliability. The HRS model allows Meridian Elementary to create and communicate; high, clear, and shared goals, use real-time, understandable, comprehensive data to determine best practices and guide instruction, and provide a safe and collaborative learning environment for all learners. 
    A Handbook for High Reliability Schools  (HRS) by Robert J Marzano, Phil Warrick and Julia Simms describes the five levels of operation for a High Reliability School.
    • Level 1: Safe and Collaborative Culture
    • Level 2: Effective Teaching in Every Classroom
    • Level 3: Guaranteed and Viable Curriculum
    • Level 4: Standards-Referenced Reporting
    • Level 5: Competency-Based Education


High Reliability Schools