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Ms. Aimee Atkinson

Welcome to the place you can get questions answered about the classes I teach: Choirs and Freshman Cornerstone! This website is here to give you all the information you need for your class.  We will be using Microsoft Teams and OneNote this year in all of our classes. This website will be used as a portal to get into Teams; all calendar information, assignments, and classwork will be in Teams (OneNote).  If you can't find the information you're looking for, feel free to ask - I'm happy to help you succeed!


Who is this Atkinson I will be taking music from??

1. When I was in 6th grade I decided to join choir (because it seemed like the less lame of the electives I could choose from- this was my opinion in 1992 not my opinion now) in my tiny hometown of 5,000 people. The first day I joined, I was hooked- I had found my tribe! Choir has been my jam since then and a large part of that was because of my choir director. I got to work with her through Middle School and High School and am still friends with her to this day. She created a place in school that was safe for students to explore who they are and learn responsibility and a touch of silliness. I love the environment that choir can create for every person to be themselves and find a place where they belong. Music matters, part of the recipe for success is to make beautiful music. But we can't make beautoful music without that feeling of having a safe place to open our mouths. Choir lover, since 1992!

2. Choir is not my whole life. I have a son who is 13 and he is super mega awesome! I also love to be outside as much as possible, that means that I hike, and camp, I snowshoe and garden. I love to go on walks and explore. I love good food and love to cook. But I'm human, there's things I don't love. I don't love traffic, or when my feet are cold. I don't love leftovers (because I love to cook), and I don't love mean people. See? Totally human!

3. I have my Associate of Arts degree that I got from Edmonds Community College, and my Bachelors in Vocal Music (and teachers certificate) from Seattle Pacific University. I earned my Masters in Education Administration from ISU (the OTHER Idaho University) when I worked in Pocatello, ID. Sometimes I think about going back to school, and then I remember all the things I love to do besides school work.  But I LOVE learning and being in school... I'll keep ya'll posted on this one.


A few important pieces of information you should know about  the classes I teach:

1.  I enjoy what I do! Being a teacher for over 15 years now has solidified my love of education and being part of the learning process. I believe every student is capable of reaching their goals, and I love being part of that journey. There have been many influential teachers and mentors along my own journey and being part of others journeys is a special role I get to participate in. Thanks for letting me help, push, encourage, laugh, and work hard with you.

2.  My classes aren't ALWAYS easy. I know what you're thinking,"It's music, how hard can it be?" and my answer is - it can be hard (but rewarding once you see how the hard work pays off). These classes are special in that other people can see or hear the work we do (#concerts). And so hard work pays off when there is a performance that we want to be amazing! Don't get me wrong, my classes are FUN and REWARDING but they aren't a piece of cake everyday. Come to class ready for an adventure that may be more work than you thought - it'll be awesome!

3.  What we do in these classes matters. Music gives you important skills that will serve you well no matter where your journey takes you. We focus on teamwork, leadership, communication, time management, grit and determination, self-motivation, self-reflection, and we have a great time learning all these skills PLUS how to sing, dance, create music, and learn. Don't underestimate your class! Come ready to experience learning to the fullest!



Each class has a page with more detail, just click on the title of the class to learn more.  

Assignemnts, assessments, and concert dates will be posted in Teams.  Click on the Class Calendar for basic information including assignments, assessments, concerts (when applicable), or meeting times. 

If you have questions that aren't answered on the class websites, feel free to email me at:



In the years I have been in education, I have had many conversations with stakeholders (parents, students, community members, administrators, and state officials about why arts education matters. The truth is, arts education is VITAL to creating a whole child who thinks critically, has coping skills, communcates effectively, and is just overall awesome!  I am always to discuss arts education, so please reach out if you're looking for a passionate and enriching conversation. OR... Here are some resources to read and enjoy about the benefits of participating in the arts - ENJOY!

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