West Ada School District Supply List 2016-2017
Items may need to be replenished if lost, used up, or damaged
IT IS RECOMMENDED FOR ALL GRADE LEVELS:  backpack, hand sanitizer,facial tissue, Pencil box, AA batteries
Flash drive (3rd, 4th, 5th grade only)
Half day KindergartenSecond GradeFourth Grade
#2 pencils, sharpened#2 pencils, sharpened#2 pencils, sharpened
 water color paintswater color paintswater color paints
earbud/head phonesearbud/head phonesearbud/head phones
white gluecrayonscrayons
large pink eraserlarge pink eraserlarge pink eraser
glue sticksglue sticksglue sticks
multi-color markerswhite school gluewhite school glue
dry erase markersbox of multi-color markersmulti-color markers
(no pencil box)dry erase markersdry erase markers
colored pencilscolored pencils
(2 pocket) folder(2 pocket) folders
wide rule composition notebooks   composition notebooks
 ruler with standard and metric measurements
 three ring binders (1 inch in size)
college ruled paper
First GradeThird GradePens  black or blue,  red)
#2 pencils, sharpened#2 pencils, sharpenedhighlighters
water color paintswater color paints
earbud/head phonesearbud/head phonesFifth Grade
crayonscrayons#2 pencils, sharpened
scissorsscissorswater color paints
large pink eraser large pink eraserearbud/head phones
large glue stickslarge glue stickscrayons
white school glue white school gluescissors 
multi-color markers multi-color markerslarge pink eraser
dry erase markersdry erase markerlarge glue sticks
colored pencils colored pencilswhite school glue
wide ruled composition notebook(2 pocket) foldermulti-color markers
highlighterwide rule composition notebooks  dry erase markers
(2 pocket) foldersruler with standard and metric measurementscolored pencils
wide ruled paper(2 pocket) folders 
Pens (black or blue, red)composition notebooks
3 ring binderruler with standard and metric measurements  
three ring binder (1 inch in size)
college ruled paper
Pens (black or blue, red)