•  Mrs. Crowley
     Do you know any other principal that can play the ukulele? 
    Maybe that is why we get special visits from her throughout the year! 
    Do you think Mrs. Crowley knew we were recording her when she read us her favorite book?
    All About Our Principal  
    As a veteran classroom teacher, Mrs. Crowley has a deep appreciation for students’ cognitive and social-emotional development, and is eager to support all the teachers as they collaborate with each other to prepare college and career ready students. Additionally, having grown up in schools that embraced the fine arts, Mrs. Crowley is enthusiastic about the integration of fine arts and technology across all content and curriculum. 
    Mrs. Crowley received her Bachelor of Arts in Elementary Education from Oregon State University and her Masters of Education Administration from University of Idaho.
    Now here are a few unknown fun facts about your principal:
    She loves Ponderosa Elementary School so much she asked the students to help name her new puppy.  Students submitted hundreds of names and DIXIE ROSE (for Ponde-Rosa) was the perfect name!
    It was Mrs. Crowley who thought of wearing a doctor's white coat for the students to sign as they reached the Ponderosa Pacer Challenge of 25 miles and beyond. It took her a long time to think about how to section the coat off so all the signatures would fit throughout the year. Can you believe she buys a new one every year ?
    Pacer Coat
    Mrs. Crowley loves to play the ukulele and has wanted to play ever since she was young, so not too long ago she bought one and taught herself to play. She is the only principal in the district that plays our school song every Friday live for all the students and enjoys giving performances for our students with "professionals" whenever she gets a chance. 
    Mrs. Crowley's Chronicles
     Have you ever seen Mrs. Crowley snapping away pictures all day because she is so excited to see all the wonderful things happening at Ponderosa? So then, have you ever wondered what happens to the pictures Mrs. Crowley takes with her phone? Well, she displays them on Mrs. Crowley's Chronicles Board for you of course! Please take some time to visit her board in the main hall that she rotates monthly with new pictures.
    I'll see you in the halls! - Mrs. Crowley
    C Board  
     Mrs. Crowley's Videos
     Mrs. Crowley proudly runs the Ponderosa Facebook so that you don't miss anything that happens at Ponderosa!  
    Mrs. Crowley's Hits