• Idaho Codes




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  • Birds of Prey




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  • Exploring Space




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  • Take a Walk in Nature




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  • Outdoors with Bugs




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  • Virtual STEM Day with US Naval Academy




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  • Kits for Kids




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  • MK Nature Center



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  • Zoo Boise



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  • Circuitry of Lights

     Crash Course is a great resource for upper elementary, middle school and high school students. 


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  • Native American Winter Count

    Learn about Native American Winter Counts in South Dakota. 



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  • How to Train Your Robot

    Check out the newest story by B. Goldberg, K. Goldberg, and A. Chase, illustrated by D. Clegg(with support from NSF and UC Berkeley's Lawrence Hall of Science).

     To view subtitled Spanish, Japanese, Hindi, and Chinese (Simplified), just click the small blue CC (closed caption) button on the right.



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  • Hour of Code




     JOIN OUR CONTEST! Hour of Code, which coincides with CS Ed Week, is a super-easy way to spend just one hour learning how fun and easy coding can be. Reach out to your friends and family and spend an hour coding together. Here’s how:

    • Like or follow us on Facebook (@IdahoSTEMAC) or Instagram (IdahoSTEMAC).
    • Participate in Hour of Code by doing some type of CS activity of your choice.
    • Snap a picture of your Certification of Completion (if you complete a module at Code.org), or a picture of how you participated in Hour of Code (if it is another way, such as Idaho Codes, CS Unplugged activities, etc.)
    • Post it to Facebook or Instagram with the hashtags #CodingIdaho and #IdahoSTEMAC and #CSEdWeek to be entered into our drawings for cool prizes! 
    * You will automatically be entered for our drawings for various prizes if you follow the steps above. At the end of CS Ed Week, we will pick several winners.
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  • A virtual ZOOM event: "Holiday in the Parks" Crafts, STEM Challenge, Science, Ranger Talks, and a Campfire Snack. Featuring Park Rangers from around the country! FREE EVENT! Register at bit.ly/holidayintheparks
    Holiday In The Parks!.png
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  •  Space X Launching Crew of 4 Today! 11/15/20

    Space X Crew 1




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  • SciGirls on PBS





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  • Asteroid Dust Collected

    NASA Osiris-REx Captures Dust from Asteroid Bennu 



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    Tech Help Videos




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  • Welcome Video





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  • Astronauts Live from Space Station

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  • National Parks Week 3 National Parks Week 3





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  • Make a Terrarium

    Make a Terrarium




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  • Drawing PBS Drawing PBS




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  • Dr. Drizzle's Friday Potato Chip Science:

    How greasy are different brands of potato chips?
    Watch the video below on how chips are made and then check out the potato chip lab from education.com
    • Several bags of potato chips (different brands)
    • Something to write with
    • Rolling Pin
    • Wax Paper, plastic wrap, or large sandwich bag
    • Graph paper
    • Tape
    • Window
    • Sunlight
    How greasy are your potato chips? Students will use a reliable method to quantify greasiness and compare different brands in this great science fair project.
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  • Space Station Explorers Space Station Explorers




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  • NASA Space Place NASA Space Place




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  • Astronaut Q & A Astronaut Q & A




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  • Code.org Code.org




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  • FREE Astronaut Webinars for Children at Home

    This Tuesday, April 7, ISSET (International Space School Education Training) is kicking off ‘Space to Learn’ a LIVE online series delivered by NASA astronauts with a Q&A for young people. 

    ‘Space to Learn’ is a LIVE interactive podcast with a different guest astronaut each week. Children and parents can tune in on YouTube and watch a 15 minutes presentation by a different guest astronaut each week followed by a 45 minutes LIVE Q&A.

    With schools closing around the world and education moving into homes, we wanted to offer something inspirational with the goal to stay focused on studies, work hard and have fun.

    We start with Space Shuttle astronaut and International Space Station Commander Steve Swanson showing how in the isolation of orbit, astronauts use imagination to have “Fun on the International Space Station”.

    Steve says “Just like many people on Earth right now, astronauts live in self-isolation on the International Space Station. Tune in to learn how I made space fun and ask me your favourite space question.”

    We are delighted that the podcasts will be hosted by Adam Gendle, TV Presenter and Ex professional snowboarder. Adam says “I’m super excited to hear more from the astronauts each week. Who knows, maybe it will be you telling us about your space adventures one day”

    Steve and Adam will be at live on Tuesday, April 7th, at 2pm Eastern Time (1pm Central, 12pm Mountain, 11am Pacific, and 8am Hawaii time).

    For more information: