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  •  Andrus Elementary Physical Education

    Physical Education is an essential part of education and contributes to the development of the individual's mind and body through planned movement, physical activity, and exercise. The focus is not on sports, but rather skill development through activities and games. Students also learn social skills that are important throughout life such as teamwork, good sportsmanship, self-improvement, and confidence in their ability to perform a variety of motor skills. As active participation is essential, each student will be provided with equipment to practice the skill. Physical education helps students experience multiple activities and games that will promote exercise outside of the classroom and a lifelong love of fitness and activity.


    All students will be assessed on Skilled Movement throughout the year in each of the units in our curriculum. In addition, we are required to assess students on Knowledge of Movement. I will be giving Movement Knowledge assessments through the first and second trimesters so that I have enough data for an accurate assessment grade. This grade will appear on the second trimester report card. All students will receive a grade each trimester for Physically Active Lifestyle. Students are required to be active 33% to 66% of their PE time. (Percentage based on their grade level.) Finally, grades 3-5 will receive a Health Related Fitness grade (third trimester) which is based on five fitness tests given in the spring. Second graders will be assessed on a battery of motor skill tests and that information will go home at the end of the third trimester as well.

    Dressing for Success

    Students are expected to wear clothing and shoes on their PE days that will allow them to participate to the best of their ability. Gym type shoes with good traction are a must for that to happen. Part of your child's "responsibility" grade on their report card depends on this.

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