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Degrees and Certifications:

Teaching English Language Arts, MA Boise State University English Teaching, BA Boise State University Graphic Design, AA College of Southern Idaho Destruction Magicka, College of Winterhold

Mr. Berry

Hi, I’m Mr. Berry but in a way, aren’t we all? This is my fifteenth year at Centennial High School where I teach Honors English 10, Yearbook, and Newspaper.

In my free time I enjoy leveling up, fast traveling, and completing side quests. I’ve ran with (and later hunted down) the Dutch van der Linde gang; I’ve wandered the apocalyptic landscape of the Commonwealth and explored the untamed wilderness of Tamriel —and no, no one stole my sweetroll. I’ve vanquished Vaas, confronted Pagan, and defied Joseph Seed; I’ve settled the score with Lou and Mickey, hacked my way through the streets of San Francisco, and caused chaos on the islands of Panau and Medici. I’ve defeated Eredin in Undvik and Tirnoch the she-dragon in the cavern of Amethyn. I’ve thwarted Handsome Jack’s plans, rescued Hyrule from Gannon’s many forms, and time traveled to track Templars—and no, I don’t own any Pieces of Eden…yet. 

I have an eclectic taste in music; I enjoy listening to obscure hip-hop, alternative folk rock, and hardcore emo polka. I also play the guitar and record instrumental beats. I enjoy photography, road trips, satirical comedies, and good-natured sarcasm—you have been warned.

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