Mr. Berry

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Mr. Berry

Hi, I’m Mr. Berry and this is my thirteenth year at Centennial High School where I teach Honors English 10, Yearbook, and Newspaper.

In my free time I enjoy leveling up, fast traveling, and completing side quests. I’ve wandered the apocalyptic landscape of the Commonwealth, sailed the icy seas of the North Atlantic, and explored the untamed wilderness of Tamriel—and no, no one stole my sweet roll. I’ve hacked my way through the streets of San Francisco, caused chaos on the island of Medici, and defeated Eredin in Undvik. I’ve thwarted Handsome Jack’s plans, rescued Hyrule from Gannon’s many forms, and time traveled to hunt Templars—and no, I don’t own any Pieces of Eden…yet.

I also like to write poetry and read nonfiction. I enjoy photography, road trips, and sarcasm—you have been warned.

 I have an eclectic taste in music. I enjoy listening to hip-hop, folk rock, and hardcore emo polka. I also play the guitar, but sing badly. Nevertheless, we will sing together as a class later this year! It will be both a stirring and mournful tune.

 Hail Sithis!