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Degrees and Certifications:

BA History and Social Studies Secondary Education

Mr. Chandler

Welcome to my website!  Here you will find information for my classes:  US History 10 and US History 11.  Students, please navigate to the page for the class you are in by clicking on the tab for your class to the left.  You can then click on the Calendar page to access ppts lecture slides, notes, assignments, study guides, online book links, etc.  This is also where you will find explanations for class if you missed that day (the due date on the assignment is the day that we covered the information in class).  Please email me with any questions, or come see me in class.  Remember it is my expectation that if you missed class you visit the site and catch up before the next class if possible.

A little about me:

This is my 8th year teaching and 7th at Centennial.  I graduated from BSU with a degree in History and Social Studies Secondary Education.  I am married to my beautiful wife of 15 years and we have 7 children (not a typeo), ranging in age from 17 to 2 months.  I love my family and teaching.  I also coach basketball here at Centennial.  I enjoy golfing (even though I don't get out much), and doing things with my family.  My wife is a graphic designer and works from home, and I do home appraisals on the side.  I love movies and music and I am usually working with some sort of music or movie or TV show on in the background.   I love history and believe we live in the greatest country in the world in a unique and special time.  I hope you find some excitement in my class.

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