Degrees and Certifications:

BA English Literature - Boise State University BA English Teaching - Boise State University

Mr. Rob Kelley

Hello. As you've already read, my name is Rob Kelley (or Robert E. Kelley if I ever have the pleasure of having you read it on a book cover...or several...we'll see).

I have waded into this teaching gig (and found myself willing to face its many daunting challenges) because of how passionately I value reflective reading and authentic expression, but mostly because I really value people and building sincere connection. It's difficult to make these things the reality of English class, but it is worth fighting for.

I hope I don't sound too long-winded and Hallmarky (you really can turn most anything into an adjective!) because I really mean it.
We teachers and our students walk together through some swampy stuff and across treacherous terrains, and this (like so much in life) cannot be done without plenty of mutual failure and struggle. But I believe that we are all worth it, and I love that English class can help us engage with life's biggest challenges, gain from the perspectives of other (mostly wise) voices, enhance and empower our own understandings, and learn to more effectively express our growing perspectives.
Stated more directly: I love the people I share my classroom with and I love learning and growing with them.